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Title: The Turning-universe stories (Turningverse)
Author(s): Jae Gecko
Date(s): 2001-2006
Length: 347,597 words
Genre: slash, gen, het
Fandom: West Wing
External Links: Turning-universe stories
The Turning-universe at the AO3

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The Turning-universe or Turningverse stories comprise a West Wing fanwork universe. The creator, Jae Gecko, describes it as "a series of stories that interweave with both canon West Wing episodes and each other."[1] It centers on the characters of Josh Lyman and Sam Seaborn and their relationship as it changes throughout the years.

Reactions and Reviews

The series takes pains to be canon-compliant, and has been widely praised for its realism. Bright Shiny Objects dubbed the series "one of the most realistic" in the Josh/Sam pairing, writing that it "doesn't flinch in the face of either character's flaws" and "weaves in and out of canon, subtly changing your impression of even the most innocent exchanges."[2] On Crack Van, it was described as "required reading for the fandom" as well as "heart-breaking and realistic and this, right here, is how a Josh and Sam relationship would happen on the show."[3] On The Shipper's Manifesto it was described as "the ultimate introduction to Sam/Josh slash - beginning many years pre-Bartlet, this series follows Sam and Josh's relationship right up until the end of Season 3, seamlessly blending events from the tv show with a slashy relationship".[4]

In terms of individual readers, sangerin described it as "amazingly believable"[5], free_method said that it "explores an intensely real and convoluted relationship in the way it should be done"[6], and Roga even said the series had shown her "that slash was not just wishful thinking of fanfic authors but was actually plausible. (Not only for these fictional characters, actually, but for RL too - yes, this fic kind of cured me of homophobia.)"[7].

Awards and Translations

Several Turningverse stories and the series as a whole received various awards in the Jeds, West Wing fanfiction awards given annually between 2001 and 2003.

The first two stories, "Turning Myself Into You" and "The Real Thing," were translated into Chinese by persiancat.[8][9]

Eventual Completion

While each part of the series is designed to be a complete and self-contained story, Jae has stated that the completion of the overarching arc would require eight more short pieces (all contained within the "Eighteen Years" set) and one additional novella-length story. However, she has also stated that she does still hope to write those eventually.[10]


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