Transphobia in Fandom

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Transphobia in fandom shows up in many places:

In Fandom

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Even in fandoms whose canon don't feature trans characters or feature them in a non-transphobic way, fans may still be transphobic. This can take the form of:

  • Discounting trans headcanons as unrealistic, disturbing, disruptive or unnecessary[1]
  • Telling fanwork creators they should have just made a character cis
  • Fetishisation of trans bodies. This is a contentious subject. Some fans, trans and cis, feel that the high amount of pwp and other sex-related forms of fic among trans fanfic is evidence of fandom fetishising trans people.[2] Others disagree partly or fully, including some trans people who write smut about characters who share their body type.
  • Harassment of trans fans
  • Misgendering of canonical trans characters[3]

TERFs in Fandom

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Responses to Transphobia in Source Canon and by Source Creators

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Some canons are transphobic by themselves. Cyberpunk 2077, for example, has repeatedly come under fire for transphobia due to perceived fetishisation of trans women's bodies as well as tying the player character's gender to the voice selected in the character creator.[4] This did not stop fans from reinterpreting canon to be more trans-friendly, however, as evidenced by the player character V having a high number of fics tagged with them being trans. [5]

An extensive amount of opinions on J.K. Rowling and her transphobia can be found on that page.


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There are some tropes that some fans consider transphobic. These include genderbending, especially in cases where canon trans characters are genderbent, and girlpenis and boypussy.



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