Tormund Giantsbane/Brienne of Tarth

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Pairing: Tormund Giantsbane/Brienne of Tarth
Alternative name(s): Briemund, Torienne
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire
Canonical?: Semi-canon (one-sided)
Prevalence: Minor
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Tormund Giantsbane/Brienne of Tarth, also known as Briemund or Torienne, is a het pairing of Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth in the A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones fandoms.

The sparks between Tormund and Brienne were so undeniable, fans immediately proclaimed Briemund (Torenne?) the best thing to ever happen to Game of Thrones.Are You Shipping Brienne And Tormund On Game Of Thrones Yet? - Crystal


Tormund and Brienne first meet in Season 6, Episode 4, when Brienne escorts Sansa Stark to Castle Black so she can be reunited with her brother Jon Snow. Tormund seems to have been instantly smitten with Brienne, and tries to telegraph his attraction by throwing her longing looks across the dinner table.[1] Brienne seems uncomfortable and not sure how to handle this attention. Tormund's infatuation with Brienne continues through Season 6 and Season 7, with Tormund telling Sandor Clegene in Season 7, Episode 6 that he hopes to "make babies with her. Think of them – great big monsters! They’d conquer the world!”[2]



Many fan's reactions were immediately positive, creating fanworks after their first interaction,[3] and continuing to do so with each appearance on screen.[4] Although some fans have speculated that Tormund's views on romance are skewed by Wildling culture.[5]


Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Missing Scenes: Interactions not shown or missing from canon.
  • Pining: Usually features Tormund's unrequited love for Brienne, due to their canon interactions.
  • Love Triangle: Usually between Tormund, Brienne and Jaime Lannister.
  • Side Pairing: Tormund and Brienne are often a favorite secondary pairing in stories featuring Sansa Stark or Jon Snow. They also sometimes feature in a "Pair the Spare" manner in fics in which Jaime is paired with another character (such as Sansa or Daenerys Targaryen).
  • Slow Burn: Fics often involve Brienne and Tormund gradually getting to know each other better and Brienne slowly warming up to him.


Fan Art