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Synonyms: Top Sherlock
See also: Dark Fuck Prince, tunalock
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Sherlock fans use the term Toplock to describe slash fanworks in which Sherlock Holmes is the giver and not the receiver in anal sex (i.e. the "top").

See the Top Sherlock tag at AO3.


This characterization of Sherlock has its own name because the question of whether Sherlock is the top or the bottom is a highly contentious issue in parts of tumblr fandom. According to fail_fandomanon, a group of TJLC fans including graceebooks were denouncing Toplock fans as rape apologists and pedophiles; this escalated to the point where in April 2015 two TJLC fans derailed a panel at 221b con run by a Toplocker they didn't like, secretly filmed them, and posted the video on YouTube.[1]

The pedophile accusations may have been because people thought that someone's Toplock fanart depicted John as arguably underage. Or not. See also anti-shipper.


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