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Name: graceebooks
Alias(es): Grace, Gracee, shiphassailed
Fandoms: BBC Sherlock, Glee
URL: Tumblr
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graceebooks coined the term The Johnlock Conspiracy, along with joolabee and martinfreeman. She is a TJLC BNF in BBC Sherlock fandom, and was interviewed for Decoder Ring: The Johnlock Conspiracy.

Grace was involved in the 2015 221B Con wank involving multiple TJLC BNFs, and was reportedly the leader of the group who controversially derailed a panel and posted videos of the discussion of rape/noncon online.

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Grace responded to the TJLC episode of Decoder Ring, with a commentary on June 4, 2018:

1. on one hand, although obviously she was introduced to this whole concept by way of a perspective on it that i find deeply unfair and fundamentally skewed and incomplete, and that isn’t something i think was even functionally possible to overcome within the bounds of reasonable time and resources, she at least successfully convinced me that she really was coming to the topic in good faith and genuinely engaged in a search for the truth, as elusive as that may ultimately have been.

2. on the other hand, here are a few things i think were unfair enough to warrant mention...[1]

She was involved in the development of The Dynamic and has called herself "originator of the term absolute nightmare."[2]


As a BNF of TJLC, she has been the topic of a number of conversations on Fail-fandomanon over the years. See Graceebooks, posted at the FFA Wiki. Grace had a previous version of the page on her deleted, and pages with information on her continue to be vandalized and reported.[3] The FFA page states:

Per this nonny, Grace does not contribute fic, art, meta, or exchange moderation to fandom, only

text posts crying about how johnlock is!!! gonna!!! be!!! so!!! canon!!! and militant wank whenever anyone dares disagrees with her/her Gross Crew... she didn't rise to popularity until post-s3, before that no one heard of her or knew of her. (because, let's be real, before that people were actually popular because of their art/writing). I think that her meteoric rise to popularity is something that could have only happened in the atmosphere of tumblr, with the text posts, the wank, all of it coated in false-SJ rhetoric

Grace is known to be a lawyer, and she reportedly accidentally doxxed herself to prove this fact. She has repeatedly made vague threats of legal action against people who speak out against her or her friends.


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