To the Shore

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Title: To the Shore
Author(s): zarah5
Date(s): 23 January 2011
Length: 15,700 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, AU
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: To the Shore (AO3, you need to log in)

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To the Shore is a Steve/Danny story by zarah5. It was originally posted on LiveJournal.[1]

Summary: Take canon and replace Steve’s SEAL training with him and Mary owning a surf shop. Blend until smooth. Decorate with Grace talking Danny into surfing lessons. Serve hot.

Recs and Reviews

Why we love it: We loved the more laid back Steve in this story especially since he is still manages to be very much Steve. The progression of the relationship in this story comes to a very realistic and satisfying conclusion. This is a lovely well written AU with just enough angst to make it compelling.[2]


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