Tiz Arrior

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Name: Tiz Arrior
Occupation: Asterisk Holder
Relationships: Agnes (Friend/love interest), Ringabel (friend), Edea (friend), Airy (friend turned enemy), Sage Yulyana (friend), Til Arrior (Younger brother)
Fandom: Bravely Default
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Tiz is one of the main supporting characters from the Square Enix video game Bravely Default.


The sole survivor (initially) of a blast that destroyed his hometown, Tiz swears not revenge, but simply to rebuild. He accompanies Agnes and the others on their journey after learning that she is the Wind Vestal and seeing her as a ‘ray of hope’, so to speak.



Tiz is primarily shipped with Agnes, however pairings with Ringabel or Edea aren’t unheard of.

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