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Name: Alternis Dim/Ringabel
Occupation: Asterisk Holder
Relationships: Agnes (Friend), Tiz (friend), Edea (friend/love interest), Airy (friend turned enemy), Sage Yulyana (friend/superior), Lord DeRosso (superior), Braev Lee (superior), Victor (‘colleague’), Victoria (‘colleague’)
Fandom: Bravely Default
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Ringabel is one of the main supporting characters from the Square Enix video game Bravely Default.


An amnesiac stuck in a time paradox, Ringabel somehow remembers first and foremost to flirt with anyone even vaguely female. While comparatively innocent in intent, his flirting becomes the sole source of irritation for Edea throughout much of the game. As the Dark Knight Alternis Dim, Ringabel’s ‘future self’ is one of few who knows Airy’s true intents, however his attempts to stop her are foiled every time, much to the party’s eventual chagrin.



Ringabel is most often shipped with Edea, however pairings with Tiz or any random female character are viable.

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