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Name: Agnès Oblige
Occupation: Wind Vestal, Asterisk Holder
Relationships: Tiz (Friend/love interest), Ringabel (friend), Edea (friend), Airy (friend turned enemy), Sage Yulyana (friend), Olivia Oblige (Friend/vestaling companion)
Fandom: Bravely Default
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Agnès is the protagonist of the Square Enix video game Bravely Default.


Quiet and introverted, Agnes is at first unwilling to accept help from Tiz and the others, however she soon realised that she can not accomplish her tedious quest of reviving the four crystals on her own, nor any of the chaos that accompanies it. In classic Final Fantasy style, Agnes eventually learns that the true conquest was the friends she made along the way.



Agnes is actively shipped with every main character except Ringabel (who is primarily shipped with Edea), and also sees occasional shipping with Water Vestal Olivia.

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