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Name: Sage Yulyana
Occupation: Conjurer, Asterisk holder
Relationships: Tiz (Acquaintance), Ringabel (coworker), Edea (acquaintance), Airy (acquaintance turned enemy), Agnès Oblige (friend), Lord DeRosso (Rival/coworker), Braev Lee (coworker), Victor (coworker), Victoria (coworker)
Fandom: Bravely Default
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Sage Yulyana is a supporting character in the Square Enix video game Bravely Default.


Yulyana’s age, wisdom and perversion are unmatched throughout Luxendarc. He may be one of the world’s finest teachers, however his tendency to chase skirts will often work against him. On rare occasions though, Yulyana shows his serious side, and reveal himself as perhaps the only person who actually knows what’s going on.


Yulyana enjoys fic appearances as the typical wise old sage, and occasionally getting to gawk at a young lady in a short skirt.


Yulyana’s advanced age restricts him from most shipping opportunities, with the exception of him making excuses for his perverted nature. Yulyana and Lester DeRosso canonically have a rivalry lasting thousands of years however, and this can lend itself to shipping.

Common Tropes and Themes

Much like Master Roshi and Jiraiya, from the Dragon Ball and Naruto fandoms respectively, Yulyana embodies the dated trope of ‘perverted old man’ that was rife in 80s and 90s anime. As Bravely Default is considered an ode to classic Final Fantasy games, which existed in the same time period, this makes sense.

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