Edea Lee

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Name: Edea Lee
Occupation: Asterisk Holder
Relationships: Agnes (Friend), Ringabel (friend/eventual love interest), Tiz (friend), Airy (friend turned enemy), Sage Yulyana (acquaintance), Mahzer Lee (Mother), Braev Lee (Father), Ominas Crowe (former ally), Barras Lehr (former ally), Holly Whyte (former ally), Nobutsuna Kamiizumi (master)
Fandom: Bravely Default
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Edea is one of the main supporting characters from the Square Enix video game Bravely Default.


Quick to anger and eager to fight, Edea subverts the usual ‘support girl’ tropes by being the most hot blooded of the group by far. Torn between loyalty to her family and friends, and doing the right thing, her naivety becomes increasingly obvious as the events of Bravely Default develops.



Edea is often shipped with Ringabel despite her initial attitude towards him, however pairings with Agnès or even Airy are also somewhat common due to simply being easy opportunities for femslash.

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