Though This Be Madness

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Though This Be Madness
Author(s): Alexis Fegan Black
Date(s): 1983
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Though This Be Madness is a Kirk/Spock story by Alexis Fegan Black.

It was published in the print zine K/S Collected and Naked Times #2.


"Kirk is seduced by the M/U Spock, who is attempting to make him admit his desire for his own Spock. Sequel: A Question of Balance."

Reactions and Reviews

Mirror Spock forces his way back into our universe and into our Kirk's bed, on a mission to force Kirk to acknowledge and act on his desire for his own Spock. [1]
"Though This Be Madness" is an interesting twist on the letting go of control-something we usually identify with Spock, but here, it's K's turn to question his arousal at S's touch and to accept submission. P.D.S. (pretty damn sexy) as Spock - "the dark one" comes into Kirk's quarters and seduces him. But this seduction is also a power play in that Kirk is commanded to go along with it willingly or Spock will take him by force. Kirk's dilemma of pleasure and pain is clearly portrayed here. AFB shows us this aspect of sexuality as Kirk experiences it.

Mirror Spock. "the dark one" is called to our universe by our Spock's unconscious longings and desires for Kirk. So the Dark One comes here to show him the necessity of expressing the love - among other things...

There's a great scene between the Dark One and Spock who is held down while the other enters his mind to show him how to love Kirk. The mental discussion is exciting, fast-paced, insightful and quite true to character. Sometimes a long "talk" scene, especially a mental one between characters bogs down a story and goes nowhere. Not so here. This is such a powerful mirror Spock with so much to share with our Spock and the resulting discussion is a fascinating one. An example: Mirror Spock says: "'There comes a time when the line must be drawn between what is a conscious decision made from logic, and what is a pretension to self sacrifice made out of the fear to act.'" Wow! That really seems to pinpoint so much of Spock's problem. "Their lips brushed, a whisper-light sigh of merging flesh/ And "At last, when hunger turns to starvation, Spock pulled away, begging with his eyes to be taken..,to be completed. In the same story, we get to see both dominant and submissive pairings. First there is Mirror Spock, who takes command of Kirk. Then, there's Kirk who is the aggressive one with our Spock. But neither are weak - with their difficulties and obstacles, they remain strong characters. [2]
Both 'Possession' and 'Though This Be Madness' come perilously close to being formula porn with their ritual rapes of Mirror Spock by Mirror Kirk in the former, and of our Kirk by Mirror Spock in the latter. There is very little storyline in either, and though nothing is said about the rapist wearing black silk socks, I wouldn't be surprised. Fun, but on a most elemental level. [3]
I can't help but think of the Dark One from "Though This Be Madness" as Spock in Variations on a Theme, searching for a Kirk to call his own again and failing that, at least to make sure that every Spock and every Kirk could at least be aware of the things they could share. [4]
"Though This Be Madness" was brilliant. [5]
If there is any one part of Trek that I like above the others, it's the Mirror universe. Especially Mirror Spock. Your story is great. I hope that little one-line throw-away (about both Spocks seducing Kirk) means you'll be writing that story, too. PLEASE!! Incidentally, your pun "hard realities" is going into my collection of things I wish I'd said. Of course, the English language doesn't contain enough superlatives to describe how I feel about Gayle's illos. She's the most distinctive artist in fandom. [6]
What a sensual delight! Your Mirror Spock was perfect! Now, how about continuing that story and letting us all see what happens with Mirror Kirk? [7]
This is the story that raised my temper -- because it seemed to be offering a justification for rape -- breaking the barriers of Kirk's loneliness. Two problems I had with this. One: Who says that only sex can break down loneliness? What about caring, sharing secrets in quiet conversation, even a gentle hug which doesn't automatically signal a beginning of a sexual intercourse. The message of this seems to be "The end justifies the means." Two: The subconscious excuse, "Oh, the victim enjoys it" has been one reason why it's so hard to get convictions of real rapists.[8]


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