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Name: Thorin's Company, The Company, The Company of Thorin Oakenshield
Occupation: hopeless quests
Relationships: All the dwarves are related to at least one other member of the Company: Durin Family, Ri Family, Ur Family, Balin & Dwalin, Glóin & Óin; Gandalf is a friend of Bilbo's family.
Fandom: The Hobbit
Other: This group is sometimes treated as a single character unit in works, especially book-focused ones
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Thorin's Company are the 13 dwarves (and usually the 1 hobbit) who went on the quest to reclaim Erebor in The Hobbit. Sometimes, this includes Gandalf, who traveled part of the way with them. The phrase The Company is used in canon and fanon for the entire group.

Members of Thorin's Company
Bilbo Thorin Dwalin Balin
Fíli Kíli Óin Glóin
Bifur Bofur Bombur Gandalf
Dori Nori Ori


Book Canon

The names for Thorin's Company came from the Poetic Edda.[1] As a result, several of them rhymed. These rhyming sets were formed into family units by Tolkien, usually of brothers or cousins.[2]

Most of the Company had very little personality in the original story. The only ones who had significant speaking lines were Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin, and Balin, while Dwalin, Bombur, Fíli, and Kíli were referenced several times without them speaking much. The other characters generally only had 1 or 2 scenes where they were referenced individually, and some had no lines at all.

This resulted in a book fandom that was largely Bilbo- and Gandalf-centric, sometimes incorporating some of the characters they meet along the road, such as Gollum, Beorn, and Thranduil. Works about the dwarves in the Company were rare. Overall, Hobbit fiction was a niche corner of Tolkien fandom.[3][4]

Jackson Movie Canon

As a result of the relative lack of personality and character development of most of the dwarves in the books, the Jackson movies not only created physical details to make each dwarf distinctive and recognizable, but they also created and released brief bios for each one. These were used by the actors to flesh out their interactions with one another and by fandom to create a more dynamic Company in fanworks.

The first movie, An Unexpected Journey, focused almost entirely on the Company with a brief foray into the White Council. As a result, fanworks based on the movies in 2013 were dominated by the dwarves and Bilbo, much as Lord of the Rings movie fandom was dominated by works about the Fellowship. After the second movie was released, characters like Beorn, Thranduil, Tauriel, Legolas, Bard of Laketown, and Smaug became more popular, but the Company remained the primary focus of fanworks through the release of the third movie and beyond.[5]

Usage in Fanworks

In fanart, works that include the entire company or just the 13 dwarves are fairly common. Many were stylistically inspired by the movie posters for An Unexpected Journey, which included a composite of all 13 dwarves in a v-shape behind Thorin. This line approach is used in many artworks, especially from 2013.

In most Hobbit fanfiction set in the quest or post-quest period, the Company serve as background characters whenever one member is the main character of a work. How much attention is paid to an individual member of the Company in a fic depends on whether the fic is gen or shippy, who the main characters are, and when the work is set.

For example, Bilbo-centric gen works (and even some shippy works) set early in the quest typically have Bilbo getting to know each dwarf individually, often having a scene with each one as they travel. In contrast, works that focus on a particular dwarf will typically highlight their family members (and a love interest, if there is one, and possibly the love interest's family), leaving other dwarves to mostly be mentioned in the background. Post-quest works set in Erebor often treat the Company as a group with special status in the newly reclaimed mountain, but many non-Company dwarves, including original characters, may appear more often in a given work than Company members do.

Many archives have a tag specifically for the Company as a whole, which can stand in for individually tagging multiple dwarves who may not be the focus of a work.

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