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Name: askmiddlearth
Date(s): January 16, 2013[1] - present
Submissions: Yes, takes questions
Type: ask blog, meta
Fandom: Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion
Scope: Anything canonical to the books, some movie canon
URL:; archive link
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Askmiddlearth is a Tumblr ask blog that provides information about Tolkien's universe. It's run by an anonymous woman who is not Stephen Colbert.[2]


Like most ask blogs, askmiddlearth answers questions from followers. In this case, the topic is Tolkien canon, generally book-based. (A clear distinction is made between bookverse and movieverse elements.) Most posts include sources for the information, and some include links to essays by other Tolkien fans.


Some fans consider the blog's reference style - which lacks in-line citations and page numbers - to need more detailed citations[3] and more referencing of fan sources where theories were originally generated.[4]

Sometimes fans have disagreements with the blogger about canon.[4][5]


The blog received over 1000 followers in its first six weeks[6] and had 3,647 posts by March 13, 2015.[7] It is a common source of information for fans working on fanworks set in Tolkien's world.


The blog covers a wide variety of topics and is split into tag groupings by the categories

  • Books
    • Themes
  • Events & Time Periods
  • Places
  • Races/Peoples/Cultures
    • Elves
    • Dwarves
    • Men
    • Hobbits
    • Evil Things
    • Other
  • Characters
  • Other
    • Tolkien's Languages
    • Objects
    • Mystical[8]

Sub-topics include such themes as Things We Don't Know About Legolas, Music of the Ainur, and Durin's Folk.[8]

The blog also offers downloadable guides on a number of topics., including "Which Book Should I Read?", "Awesome Ladies of the Shire", and "Racism and Middle Earth". Most are available in pdf and ibook formats.[9]


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