This Is Some Rescue

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Name: This Is Some Rescue
Date(s): 2000 - June 22, 2007 (last updated)
Archivist: Aquarius
Founder: Aquarius
Type: Fan Fiction
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: (Wayback)
This Is Some Rescue.png
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This Is Some Rescue is a gen and het Star Wars archive with an emphasis on stories with Han Solo and Princess Leia, and Han/Leia fiction. In 2006, it took over hosting for the stories from the Corellian Embassy.

The site was shut down some time in 2010. Aquarius posted in the Nerfherder's Playground forums to explain why:

This is something I thought long and hard about. I simply don't have the money to keep it going, especially with returning to college and everything. Last year I was able to sustain it through the kindness of members here who donated money, but I have to be honest with myself and everyone else here that even if I kept it open, I just don't have the time or ambition to keep it updated and implement all the fantastic ideas I have, like restoring the original fanzine artwork to the stories posted to the Embassy and whatnot.[1]

In the same post, Aquarius said that Susan Zahn had agreed to host the stories formerly hosted by This is Some Rescue. (However, this hosting appears not to have taken place yet, since the last update is from March 2010.[2])

The archive is connecte to A Larger Playground Press, publishing the multifandom het zine Shipped First Class.


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