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Name: Thelin
Occupation: Starfleet officer
Title/Rank: various
Fandom: Star Trek: TAS
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Thelin is an Andorian briefly seen as Spock's replacement in an alternate history in "Yesteryear", an episode of Filmation's animated Star Trek series, in which his complexion was grey, not blue. Leslie Fish featured Thelin in her fiction. One example is "Winterlight", a story continuing from "Yesteryear, Today and Tomorrow" in Fantasia #2. Thelin also featured in "They Shall Live Again" by Frank Macskasy Jr., in Katra #4. (The character has since featured in licensed Star Trek novels, where his complexion was explained as being from a part-Aenar heritage.)

In Alternate Universe 4, Thelin becomes First Officer when Spock assumes command of the U.S.S. Enterprise after Kirk is court-martialed and removed from Starfleet.

Thelin's surviving sibling, Therin, appeared in numerous fan stories and fan films by Ian McLean.