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The Zinedom Archive Project began in very late 2017. It was spearheaded by Morgan Dawn and [need other names].

It was created to assist fans in archiving their print zine fic at various online archives. All archiving is done with the express permission of the fanwork creators.


Why Digitizing is Important

One Kickstart Incident

The project began, in part, as a reaction to what some fans felt to be the draconian decision to remove a print zine, Angel in the Dark, from Archive of Our Own due to confusion regarding the site's Terms of Service. While the fic was reinstated, five year's worth of comments and kudos were lost.

Outreach and Request for Volunteers

Current social media:

Volunteer contact form

Archives Available For Assistance

Similar Projects

Digital Archiving of Print Fic

Physical Print Zine Archiving

See also Fanzine Library.