The White Knight Cookbook

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Title: The White Knight Cookbook
Publisher: Friends of Darkover, then MZB Enterprises
Editor(s): Marion Zimmer Bradley
Date(s): 1977, reprinted in February 1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Darkover
Language: English
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The White Knight Cookbook is a 16-page zine written and edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

The front cover is by Walter Breen. According to a 1976 ad below, the illos were by Diana Paxson.

The zine has no formal table of contents. It includes a few recipes and some lengthy commentary.

It was first offered for sale in March 1976 in the first issue of Darkover Newsletter. Fans who sent their money in at that time had to wait over a year to get this publication, as it wasn't published until over a year later.

From an ad in Relays: "A collection of recipes 'never meant to be cooked' plus the recipe for our household favorite 'Clean-the-Refrigerator Soup."

From an ad in Darkover Newsletter #44: "Your money back if this isn't the funniest, most outrageous selection of unusual recipes ever assembled."

Some Ads: Fans Had to Wait a Long Time

From a March 1976 ad in Darkover Newsletter #1: "Our second publication, the DARKOVER COOK BOOK, will consist of every food mentioned in the first ten Darkover novels, with recipes to match, compiled by Tracy Blackstone, MZB, and others. We are marketing this one together with Marion Bradley's THE WHITE KNIGHT'S COOK BOOK, a collection of recipes guaranteed to be the strangest you have ever seen. They will be a dollar apiece after publication, but before May 1st can be ordered for $1.50 for the two cook books. Send money to the Friends of Darkover, Box 472, Berkeley CA 94701."

Some August 1976 comments by MZB: "The cookbooks are really finished now, and camera ready copy is beind typed/illustrations prepared RIGHT NOW, as you read this. The illustrations to THE WHITE KNIGHT"S COOK BOOK are being done by Diana Paxson, who did our "Costume and Clothing" leaflet. If you have ordered these books and don't recieve them soon, (say by Christmas) please write to remind us. Orders, if you have't already ordered these, are $1.50 for WHITE KNIGHT"S COOKBOOK and $2.00 for the DARKOVER COOKBOOK, which is bigger." [1]

January 1977 comments in Darkover Newsletter: "Yes, despite rumors to the contrary, there IS still a production problem on the cookbooks. Two things kept them from being mailed by Christmas; first, we hesitated to trust them to the Christmas Rush, and second, Diana Paxson, who is doing the graphics, found herself too enmeshed in other projects to complete them. But the camera-ready copy IS being completed, and it's possible that some of you may even received your cookbooks in the same mail as this news letter. Or, at least, the White Knight's Cookbook. To whet your appetite -- at a recent get-together of the Thendara Council attended by MZB, Jon de Cles, Walter Breen, Diana Paxson and Tracy Blackstone, MZB brought a Winter Festival Cake prepared by an old Amazon Guild-House recipe, and the unanimous verdict was that it was delicious. This recipe will be in the Darkover Cookbook —but if you still have a Darkovan recipe on your mind, there might still be time to get that one in before the final copy is made up. (Copy is closed on the White Knight's Cookbook.)" [2]

In Darkover Newsletter #6 (August 1977), the editor writes that it was indefinitely postponed and fans would get either a refund or a free copy of the proposed zine, Starstone.

At some point, it was available. In 1986, it was being sold by MZB Enterprises.


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