The Very Important Quest

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Title: The Very Important Quest
Author(s): angstslashhope
Date(s): 07 December 2011
Length: ~25,000 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: The Very Important Quest (merlin_holidays)
The Very Important Quest (AO3)

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The Very Important Quest is a Merlin/Arthur story by angstslashhope. It was written for amythystluna for Merlin Holidays 2011.

Summary: On a Very Important Quest, Arthur and Merlin share clothes, beds, bathwater and secrets.

Recs and Reviews

"This fic sets post S3 and doesn't care about the events of S4. Merlin has a quest, and Arthur accompany him and since it's a complicated quest, and it's cold and there are wyverns, a lot of feelings, secrets and other things are unraveled. I guess the summary says enough for you to guess that there is this one thing we all are waiting for in this fic, and it's done wonderfully. It's completely Arthur/Merlin centric, since they're alone together 85% of the time."[1]]

"Like the show in the way it moves between dramatic near-death action and silly humour. But with more sex."[2]

"This fucking fic. It’s hard for me to even appropriately put into words how much I loved the experience of reading it. It’s so clever. You know when you’re reading dialogue and you’re just like, wow, these characters are so clever and funny and HOW DID THE AUTHOR COME UP WITH THIS PERFECT DIALOGUE. I adore Arthur and Merlin snarking at each other and the prickliness of their relationship, and this is just perfect when it comes to banter. It’s unbelievably true to the tone of the show, with the bonus of it becoming romantic and sexy and full of first times. The author’s Arthur voice is so spot on and lovely and made me fall in love with him all over again. I love when we see Arthur being prickly and we’re in his head to kind of see him working through his impulses to act grouchy first and parse out why he acted grouchy later. It’s just so him. And Merlin is adorable here. I just love it so much. It also has a FANTASTIC twist that just made the fic even more appealing to me. Perfect. Perfection."[3]

"I really loved the banter in this fic, the dynamic between Merlin and Arthur, the way they look after each other. Lovely quest fic."[4]

"Merlin/Arthur of course, of my very most FAVORITE variety, ie: they go on a quest and things happen and Merlin’s magic is revealed also there is lots of cuddling and then snogging and some ADVENTURE and hurt/comfort and BANTER and everything is fabulous! It was not only my favorite SORT of merlin fic but also a very well-written example of it AND there was a TWEEST in there that I didn’t even expect and some weird whackadoodle bits and even some worldbuilding which was lovely hooray!"[5]

Not as silly as the title might suggest. It felt so CANON. Arthur’s voice was spot on, everything felt very in character: the banter, the magic reveal, the kissing. It was really well-written with a perfect pace, not dragging, not rushing. I have a thing for winter fics: cold, ice, sharing of bedrolls, desolate landscapes, grimness, and, yes, warmth. The author has a really precise style with nice descriptions, efficient in ‘action’ scenes as well as in more domestic ones. Really, really loved this.[6]


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