The Unexpected

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Title: The Unexpected
Author(s): Tobywolf13
Date(s): 2008?
Length: 272,054 words
Genre: Ratings M/NC-17, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Fandom: Smallville
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The Unexpected fic is a Clark Kent mpreg fic by tobywolf13. Starts as Clark/Lana, and ends with Clark/Chloe. Also contains Kara/Jimmy, Lana/Lex, and Martha/Lionel.

Has two sequels: The Unresolved and Dating Moira.


Kara forgot to mention a few facts about Kryptonian biology to Clark, and now he's in a family way with Lana's child. This story is about the dissolution of the woefully mismatched Clana and the beginning of something stronger and even more solid between Chlark.
Set in season seven post "Hero."

Comments & Recs

"A leading candidate (with Ripley's...) for most unusual pairing"[1]
"...This is one of the best and most original stories I've read in awhile :) I'm really enjoying the plot and characters. I have laughed at so many things in the past 16 chapters. I just have to say that I already didn't like Lana that much because personally I'm Chark and Clois... I really really dislike her in this story, you have brought up all of her bad qualities and amplified them. Which let's face it you didn't exaggerate them by much... I'm so excited about Kon! :D Clark really deserves the happiness that having a child can bring. Already we can see how much he wants and loves him. Really glad that Clark is no longer "The Last Son Of Krypton". His family (his mom, Kara, Chole, and Lois) have been so supportive, which is wonderful because Lana is the exact opposite of loving and caring."[2]


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