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Name: The Source, The Source: Hereafter
Date(s): 2009 - circa 2012-2013
Moderators/List Maintainers: Sinner, Minion, Eshe, Rorschach, Setsup, Annelle, Jinx, Kenny, Negative, Whitejest
Founder(s): Nicky
Type: Roleplay
Fandom: 9
Scope: 9 Roleplay
URL: and
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The Source was the first 9 forum dedicated just to roleplay. To read about the first general 9 fandom forum visit The 9 Forum. Participants roleplayed as stitchpunks.



The Source was created on July 2009[1] by admin Nicky (the "Forum Warden"), who also frequented The 9 Forum. It was then open to members in August. Nicky seems to have left in 2010, as a post by Sinner detailing rule changes says "Eshe and I ARE your new admins. We expect you to treat us and the rest of the staff with that respect that that deserves. This also means that you will respect and you will also honor judgments that Cool Guy made while she was here. NOTHING is reversed because she is gone." 'Cool Guy' refers to Nicky.[2] Some digging revealed that Nicky did not leave, but re-named herself to "Kenny."[3]

The forum moved to The Source: Hereafter in January 2012.[4] Eshe made this second forum, and after the move Sinner was bumped down to a mod. The second site did not do as well as the first; though many members did move over to it, little to none actually roleplayed in threads there. A large amount of the categories only have a single roleplay thread in them.

The best way to view the forum as it appeared in its heyday is to use the Wayback Machine, which archived the site in 2013. One can even see the side chatbox, as well as a list of mods and the website's banner. Since Proboard's updated its design, The Source's original format has been significantly broken. One can also view a snapshot of The Source: Hereafter from 2013, which shows off the once-beautiful formatting that has been lost. This snapshot gives a clear view of the weather system, the staff, and a sidebar that displays recent events/rumors.

On Jan 11, 2016, an admin from The Source (named Kite) posted in the chatbox "Lays a flower as well. But! For those of you old and new fans of 9 or even past members of the Source, keep an eye on for upcoming stuff! ;)" For some while, this website had "coming soon" on it and nothing more. But as of 2019, the link takes one to a blank "404 error" page.



At the very beginning of its creation, the plot (summarized) was as follows: it's 2020, all humans are dead, and the stitchpunks are split into four differing factions, all of which who are just seeking to survive. The factions were: Saviors, Rogues, Loners, and Traitors. Users could also roleplay as canon characters and machines, not just stitchpunks. The majority of users on and before Sept 16, 2009, chose to have characters in the Savior faction. In 2010 the factions began to divide even further, introducing the Racketeers and The Gray.[5] All characters were required to choose a faction or call themself a Loner.

Saviors were the the good guys who lived in the cathedral and library. The Mark was a faction of stitchpunks trying to escape their past and lived in secrecy. Rogues were a faction of thieves who refused to live under other factions' rules. Racketeers were an immoral faction living under a crime lord. the Gray were a faction who tried to keep the peace between the fighting factions (but apparently have a hit list as well).[6] Finally, Loners were faction-less, which could include characters who had renounced their faction or characters who had yet to pick one. Naturally, the Saviors were in major opposition to the Rogues and Racketeers while other factions attempted to stay out of the way of the factions' conflict.

Though the forums attempted to retain a cohesive plot line, there are surprisingly few posts (archived or not) about the actual fluctuating plot lines. There are singular posts to describe the plot on both forums, but both are bare bones and do not actually get into major site-wide plot changes or events. Only one very small thread details minimal plot events.[7] Some of the plotting was done in the out of character chatbox, which could account for some of the missing information. Even when it comes to the factions, there seem to be no threads dedicated to the factions nor their histories as a whole, exceot for one thread on The Grays.[8] The thread that was created to list the world building of the factions and universe appears to have been wiped or not completed.[9] A snapshot from the Wayback Machine of The Source: Hereafter indicates that the majority of plots and events had been listed in a sidebar to the right, and since Proboard's unification of formatting said sidebar has been erased, making the info box of the past unreadable.

Roleplay was done in a public chatbox as well as in the forum's threads. The chatbox roleplay was once not always considered canon, but on Oct 13, 2010, the events in the cbox were made canon as if they'd been roleplayed in the threads.[10] There may have been some discourse between mainly-chatbox-roleplayers and mainly-thread-roleplayers, as Sinner described the mainly-chatbox-roleplayers as "lurkers." There was also an out of character cbox.[11]

To instigate a roleplay one would use one of two options: begin an open roleplay[12] or a private roleplay.[13] An open roleplay would start out with the poster setting the scene and simply allowing anyone, or a set number of people, to join at will. A private roleplay was a roleplay that already had certain users in mind, and was not free for anyone to join.

Users kept up with their characters in various ways. On The Source: Hereafter, each character had their own log-in, while on the original website this was not practiced. On the original The Source, characters were kept up with mostly by their profile thread. There were also separate threads for character's relationship tracking and character development. One should note that the category called "character development" didn't really have much development, and instead seemed to serve as a place to create fun alternate universes of characters, such as what Pokemon they would be. However, there were a few staff-made threads designed to help players expand upon their characters.[14] If a user became inactive, and did not respond to an activity check, their characters name and/or number could be re-opened for claiming.

Users could originally only have three characters. Then, on September 19, 2009, Nicky expanded this to four, as well as added a rewards system to encourage roleplay.[15]


The small community was even more tight-knit than the relatively larger community of the main 9 forum. Since The Source was created for roleplay, that is what the community was focused solely around, though there were also categories for non-roleplay chat. Though the members could be friendly and fun, because the community was so small and there was a very strict rule about creating well-written roleplay posts, the atmosphere could also become intimidating, especially for casual players. Though the rules threads are no longer found on either site, Sinner made it very clear that not writing up to par with the staff's standards was a big offense. Repeatedly writing or replying to roleplays with quality below their standards could result in being banned.

There was also a rule against sexual roleplay involving rape, which Sinner noted was to protect under aged users and to keep proboard's anti-NSFW policies off their back. Despite this apparent concern, there were no issues drawn with sexual roleplay being held in the public forum chatboxes, even if under aged users could see it.[16] One of the mods who created the Racketeer faction also included a prostitution ring within the faction. Thus, despite the outward appearance of being concerned about under aged users, the nature of the actual plot and roleplay would suggest the protection of under aged users from sexual situations was not actually a concern among staff.

Even though the community was very close, there was the occasional discourse. A user named Urist was banned from the chatbox for 3 days after repeated complaints from members, and they then went on to make a thread complaining about the site and staff. The admin and mods chipped in with the reasoning for the three day ban, including: making rape jokes, pestering users for private roleplays, and saying inappropriate comments in chat.[17] Another user named Elphie16 made a thread complaining that the website, especially the chatbox, was too clique-y, and made it difficult for newer members to find roleplay partners. The admin and the mod Nobody responded that it was Elphie16's responsibility to make users roleplay with them, and that it felt like they "pushed people away" in roleplays. Elphie16 seems to have since deleted their account.[18] At some point in 2009 a kid by the name of Eccentric caused discourse among staff after accidentally mimicking the theme of one of the admin's recent characters. She subsequently left the forum by deleting her account. In 2012 she joined The Source: Hereafter under a different username, and the ex-admin (now a mod called Kenny) apologized for what had happened in the past.[19]


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