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Name: The 9 Forum
Date(s): 2009-present
Moderators/List Maintainers: ♥TaylorRose♥, 6&7/MLP Fan, Annadesu, ~{Eli-the-Panda}~
Founder(s): Zenoah
Type: Movie fandom, Proboard forum
Fandom: 9
URL: The 9 Forum, Archived version
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The 9 Forum is the first and longest running fansite and forum for the film 9. It thrived for many years, with the newest post being made on Jan 2019, titled Feeling Homesick.[1]


The 9 Forum was created by Zenoah (the "Forum Mother")[2] on March 12, 2009, a few months before the movie's September release date. According to the very first thread made by Zenoah, before the 9 forum there was an IMDB forum from which the very early fans migrated from.[3] The Roleplay Section of the forum was created on March 26, 2009, after a forum poll dictated that it was something desired.[4] A logo contest was opened to change the site's banner on June 10, 2009.[5] Unfortunately, due to many of the image links being broken the majority of entries are no long available. The winning banner was voted for, and the user Evayo won. The banner has remained since. The movie section was voted for on Sept 16, 2009, and later evolved to include a movie of the moment board as well.[6] There was once a mature board in the early days of the forum, however on Sept 22, 2010, Zenoah received an email from Proboards detailing their rules. Proboard's rules did not permit not safe for work content. The mature board was moved off site.[7]


The community was once a small, tight-knit group of 9 fans. The staff would even create specific threads to celebrate members' birthdays, as well as giving them exalt points. While there were groups on DeviantART and other small 9 fansites, the majority of fans congregated on the 9 forum. The tropes and fandom culture of the 9 fandom mostly arose from threads in this forum. The community was very friendly and art-driven, with several categories on the forum for various types of art and fanart.[8] Outside of the forum there was a chatbox, which still regularly sees shouts. The chatbox can be found at the bottom of the forum if one logs in. It is now mostly used for advertising anniversary events on 9/9. The forum also used to host a Xat, which had to be linked to on the forums. It's no longer in use but can be found here. There was a Skype group as well.[9]


The Staff

Mods came and went. At first only Zenoah, a now-guest member named Dimitroff, and a user named 13 were staff. Then on Sept 6, 2009, the first applications to add two global moderators was opened.[10] The two mods added were Gigidoni (now a guest and called Gidgiddonu), and Nicky (who was the creator and admin of The Source). Neither of these users are mods any longer. Around this time Dimitroff (nicknamed Dimi) became Zenoah's second in command. Sadly, on November 3, 2012, Zenaoh stepped down as the main admin and handed the reins to Annadesu as the main admin. She also said she would give mod privileges to Eva (Evayo) and JJ (Jenny-Jen).[11] Zenoah's title beneath their name has said "retired" ever since. In their goodbye post their final request as the main admin was that the new management never delete the forum, no matter how dead it became. JJ is no longer a mod and Zenoah's final reply was on Mar 2, 2013.

Annadesu, the main admin from 2012-present, left quite a mark in the 9 fandom. Anna became a mod sometime on or shortly before Oct 7, 2009. She was also the creator of a 9 art club on DeviantART- likely before DeviantART rolled out groups to all members. She and her friend Sarah created one of the early meme videos on Sept 21, 2009, which is still well loved today. They also created another fandom classic, the Pope Doll song, on Sept 26, 2009. Sadly, Sarah lost the battle with cancer in 2010, and a memorial was posted by Anna in her memory. Annadesu seems to have been the mod to host and run gift exchanges and art/video contests, even in the days when Zenoah was admin. She boosts an impressive thread and post count compared to Zenoah. Annadesu's last reply was on Jun 11, 2018. She is currently active on Tumblr and is a relatively popular Steven Universe blogger.

~{Eli-the-Panda}~ became a mod sometime in 2009. They were one of the original founding members from the IMBD forum. Eli began long distance dating another mod, called Evayo, and had a "forum wedding" to them. However, in 2010 they made a post detailing how they lost all interest in 9, its fandom, and its forum.[12] They ultimately decided to give everything a long break, but ironically came back just one month later. Eli's final reply was on Mar 22, 2018.

TaylorRose likely became a mod some time in 2009 or early 2010. At one point in 2010 she decided to step back from the forum for a few weeks to keep up with her studies, but disappeared for a few months instead.[13] Taylor created a Xat chat called Stitchpunk Paradise, which seems to be a different Xat from the main one the forum used. TaylorRose's final reply was on Sept 10, 2013.

6&7/MLP Fan (previously Vance). They became a mod sometime between 2009-Sept 2010, as they say "fellow mods" in a 2010 post.[14] They were likely just mod meant to review posts and threads, as they did not host any contests, gift exchanges, or anniversary events, suggesting less responsibility. However, it does appear that MLP Fan reviewed Fanworks, so while they may not have hosted them, they may have still been involved. [15] MLP Fan's final reply was on Sept 10, 2018.

Other mods that were otherwise unaccounted for (due to no longer being mods and/or having no obvious trail leading back to them having been mods) seem to be listed in this thread. However, note that this list is only for those were were currently staff on Mar 25, 2011.

Forum Culture

The forum and community developed quite a bit of 9 fandom culture. The creation of the very first 9 icons, reaction images, memes, and roleplay tropes come from the 9 forum.[16] Then, there were frequent forum events, such as video contests,[17] secret gift exchanges (which have now carried over to the more active DeviantART groups), and character of the month threads.[18] The "Fanworks of the Month" ended on July 1, 2012, due to lack of participation.[19]

"Forum weddings" were sometimes held. This would be when two forum members wanted to be married on the forum. An example of this is on Aug 22, 2009, between members Evayo and Eli~the~Panda.[20] Zenoah "officiated" the wedding. Part of the ceremony involved "praying" to Shane Acker, 9's creator. On Feb 3, 2011, Eli made a thread in celebration of Eva proposing in real life after Eli had gone to visit them.[21]

Dear friends, we have come together to share in the joy of Evayo and Eli's love for each other.

We witness the celebration of that love in the warmth's of 9's presence. A wedding is a celebration of spiritual love, and a covenant to love each other, in the presence of 9. I invited you to be at peace, and to listen with your hearts and your souls, to this most joyous ceremony. May 9 fill your spirit with love and truth. Let us pray.

O Acker, we gather to celebrate your gift of love, and its presence among us. We rejoice that these two people have chosen to commit themselves to a life of loving faithfulness to one another. We praise you, O Acker, for the ways you have touched our lives with a variety of loving relationships. We give thanks for your love and your friendship. Renew within us an affectionate spirit. Enrich our lives with the gracious gift of your love so that we may embrace others with that same love. May our participation in this celebration of love and commitment, give to us a new joy and responsiveness to the relationship we cherish. We pray these things, believing in the name and in the uniting power of Shane Acker.

Zenoah hosting the forum wedding

The anniversary of 9 is celebrated every year. The very first anniversary event was hosted by the then-mod Annadesu, and the original thread for it can be found here. The first anniversary was hosted on the Xat chat, and included things like pictionary, trivia, and 9 video streaming. The 3rd anniversary and 4th anniversary were similar, being hosted on the Xat chat. Modernly, old fandom members tend to gather in Discord every 9/9 to stream the movie and catch up with one another. The Discord that the "party" is held in is usually advertised in DeviantART groups as well as the chatbox at the bottom of the forum.

Forum "Goodies"



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