The Radioactive Shit Pit of Butterbeerbitch

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Interviews by Fans
Title: The Radioactive Shit Pit of Butterbeerbitch
Interviewer: Sarabel
Interviewee: Butterbeerbitch
Date(s): April 2018
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Yuri!!! on Ice
External Links: The Radioactive Shit Pit of Butterbeerbitch, Archived version
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The Radioactive Shit Pit of Butterbeerbitch is a 2018 interview with Butterbeerbitch, a Yuri!!! on Ice fanfic writer.

She was interviewed by Sarabel from the Yuuri/Victor fanfic blog, viktuurificwriters.


There is no one way to describe Butterbeerbitch’s writing. She can take a mundane scene and turn it into more. Whether it’s of Viktor and Yuuri making pancakes, going on a ride, or even doing random domestic things–she can pull the readers in and make them feel the joy and pain as if they were the characters themselves.

The way Butter writes her characters’ emotions feels so real and tangible. She makes every little moment relatable. It’s terrifying how much power she has with her words, how much she can make people laugh, cry, and smile. Not the giddy smile one makes when reading tooth-rotting fluff, but the kind of smile that starts out small and shy when they look at something so beautiful and they become at loss for words.


Her best work has to be Nuclear Hearts Club, a suburban high school AU focusing on Yuuri feeling left behind by Viktor and everyone else as they grow up and do “what teenagers do.” Viktor is out there joining the big world, while Yuuri tries to hold onto the simplicity of life and the fun memories he had with him when they were kids.

NHB is a story about longing, love, and growing up. Butter touches on themes that every adolescent goes through, bringing them to life through her colorful portrayal of Yuuri. His feelings, thoughts, and hopes–all are made bare in her story and readers can’t help but connect with him.

Aside from NHB, she has also written two other works: These Violent Delights and From the Moon. Though both are only one-shots, they hold so much feeling.

In TVD, Viktor is an escort and Yuuri is his client; they’re not supposed to fall in love, but they do anyway. Looking at the story through Viktor’s eyes, the readers can vividly see the sorrow, helplessness, and hope he feels.

Butterbeerbitch ( @the-tortellini-man ) is a 22-year old German Filipino who studied at a performing arts school. Now, she lives in China, studying Chinese to stall perpetual unemployment. At night, she hosts Sophocles-inspired improvisational performances (where only two people show up) with a bunch of ex-convicts in a makeshift Greek tragedy theatre (her dorm room’s moldy basement).

Butter gets her story ideas from just about anything–movies, poetry, books, and even cereal box comics. Being able to look at something for more than what it is seems to be her specialty, and it shows just how creative she is.

However, as beautiful her writing may be, the process behind it, according to her, is not as pretty; she even goes as far as calling it “disgusting.”

“I’ll get really into something and I’ll feel like my brain’s being blasted apart by how much I want to write this thing,” she says. “I’ll make charts and draw sketches (horrible, horrible sketches with chunks of potato people and town maps that look like those kid rugs with crayon roads on them). And I’ll shred the magazines stacked on our toilet tank to make collages, and I’ll make playlists and Pinterest pages. One time, I wrote a song. It was awful.”

She would throw her whole life out the window and give all her attention to an idea, gladly letting it suck her down into its “fantastic thing-belly,” as she calls it. It’s like she’s bursting with so much energy and inspiration that she has to get it out and onto the page right there and then.

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