Lily_Winterwood: A Dedicated Writer

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Lily_Winterwood: A Dedicated Writer
Interviewer: Sarabel
Interviewee: Lily_Winterwood
Date(s): August 2017
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Yuri!!! on Ice
External Links: Lily_Winterwood: A Dedicated Writer; archive link
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Lily_Winterwood: A Dedicated Writer is a 2017 interview with Lily_Winterwood, a Yuri!!! on Ice fanfic writer.

She was interviewed by Sarabel from the Yuuri/Victor fanfic blog, viktuurificwriters.


One writer who has contributed a lot to this fandom is Lily_Winterwood ( @omgkatsudonplease) . She has thirteen works for the Yuri on Ice fandom, five of which are multi-chaptered while the rest are oneshots.

Lily can write fics that read like published novels and fics that can be quick go-to’s if a reader is looking for something short and good. With every work, she displays mastery in her diction, along with carefully crafted dialogues. No matter what the plot is, she knows how to pull it off well.

Her most successful work, Beside the Dancing Sea, is a collaboration with writer MapleTreeway ( @hannicanny ). The story is a Selkie AU, about author!Viktor taking a break in Torvill Cove, a little seaside town in Scotland, in order to find his inspiration to write again. While there, he encounters Yuuri Katsuki and a new chapter in Viktor’s life begins.


Lily gets her fic ideas mostly from films she has watched and books she has read. For every idea that pops into her mind, she jots it down on a notebook. She now has a bucket-list of ideas that she would like to turn into fics before she dies and she carries this list with her across fandoms.

One item in the list was “long slow burn with multimedia as a pivotal part of the fic,” which was crossed out by the Selkie AU. The idea for that story was something Lily conceptualized out of boredom. She had known about selkies for a long time now, so she thought, “Why not a Selkie AU?”

When she was a kid, she was rather obsessed with the children’s book series, Magic Tree House, and one of its characters was a selkie. Also, she has always been interested with Celtic mythology and the British Isles’ culture in general so it’s no wonder that one of her fics would involve a creature from these myths.

For the most part, writing is energizing for Lily, although she admits that she often falls asleep while writing mid-sentence. Her friends would know that she’s writing a story because they won’t hear from her for a while. Lily would be madly writing out the idea before the inspiration for it dies.

When it comes to long WIPs, however, she is more disciplined and sits down to write a little of it every day–a little, she says, but she usually spends the whole day writing that she sometimes forgets to eat.

“When I was working on the Selkie AU, my friends had to drag me out for air once in a while,” shares Lily. “Besides my classes, I rarely left my room.”

Lily has also written a Kimi no na Wa AU entitled A Great Desire to Love, which she completed in only two to three days despite being in the middle of finals.

Now I really love Kimi no na Wa but I don’t think Lily was able to capture the feel of the movie with her fic–or maybe that’s just me saying that I was no longer surprised with anything because I already knew what will happen. Kimi no na Wa engulfed its viewers in a whirlwind of thrill and emotion, and that’s something I think Lily was not able to do with A Great Desire to Love. Then again, maybe she did, for those who read the fic without having seen the movie first.

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