DiAnna44: Translating Beauty into Words

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Interviews by Fans
Title: DiAnna44: Translating Beauty into Words
Interviewer: Sarabel
Interviewee: DiAnna44
Date(s): June 2017
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Yuri!!! on Ice
External Links: DiAnna44: Translating Beauty into Words; archive link
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DiAnna44: Translating Beauty into Words is a 2017 interview with DiAnna44, a Yuri!!! on Ice fanfic writer. She was interviewed by Sarabel from the Yuuri/Victor fanfic blog, viktuurificwriters.


I have never come across any Viktuuri fanfiction that is as beautifully and as carefully written as DiAnna44’s works. Beautiful, because of the way her words could seep into your soul and shake your entire being from the inside. Careful, because of the way she chooses her words, and the way she chooses which words to emphasize, and the way she emphasizes a certain word, giving that one word a thousand more meanings.

And her stories really are beautiful beautiful beautiful. And I am not exaggerating. Because for the first time ever, I found myself saying “I read a fanfic so beautiful that I started crying.” And I really did cry. I cried, not exactly because the stories were sad in itself, but because of what her stories made me feel, made me realized in my life.

DiAnna, as aforementioned, does not write to please others. She prefers coming up with original ideas. Sometimes, she gets inspiration from prompts, AUs, and fanarts. One unique work of hers is the Chair Au series, where Yuuri is… a chair?

Yes, Yuuri is a chair and Viktor buys him at IKEA. Very unique. The story is simple but the eccentricity of it is enough to draw readers in.

Before that series, DiAnna had signed up for around four YOI Big Bangs because she frantically needed an AU idea. Out of desperation, she also went to two of her best friends and asked them for ideas. After one of them gave a real response, the other jokingly suggested “an au where Yuuri is a chair and Victor goes to Ikea and buys him.” DiAnna took it seriously and wrote that AU in about five minutes and published it. Unexpectedly, it got a lot of feedback. She didn’t know how to react.

And I guess there’s a lesson behind this: Just write what you want, without thinking about what others will say all the time, and one day others will find your work and appreciate whatever weird idea you think you did. There’s merit in just being yourself.

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