The Pewter Gryphon's Lair

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Name: The Pewter Gryphon's Lair
Owner/Maintainer: Diane Echelbarger
Dates: ? -2002
Type: personal site
Fandom: Forever Knight, Vorkosigan Saga
URL: The Pewter Gryphon's Lair (archived)
Screen capture of the index page of The Pewter Gryphon's Lair
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The Pewter Gryphon's Lair was Diane Echelbarger's personal website. (The site got its name because Diane collected gryphons, especially the pewter kind.)[1] It was originally located at Some of the contents of the site were mirrored at, which seems to have been created so that she could continue to offer fans the full text of The NATPE Seven History Page, as well as affording her a place to store her fan fiction.

In 2013, the site was restored and added to the Forever Knight Website Archive.

Site Contents

The main page of The Pewter Gryphon's Lair includes personal information about Diane, with links that lead to a small nest of personal pages. The contents of the site varied over time, as she took material down, constrained by the limits on the webspace available to her.

The following material relates to her fan interests, mostly Forever Knight and Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga:

Site History

Diane's website was first recorded in the Internet Archive on 28 January 1999, although internal comments indicate that it had already been in existence for some time. It was last updated 18 January 2001.

At the time it was first recorded, the site contained the NATPE Seven report, the page of dolls, and Ma Kosti's Cookbook. However, the NATPE Seven report was incomplete, lacking many of the photos. It seems likely that they were removed to make way for the page about the dolls, which contains a number of photographs. This in turn was removed entirely sometime between August 2000 and February 2001 to be replaced by the photographs of costumes.

Diane's secondary GeoCities site is first recorded 1 October 1999; and, as the index page is the front page of The NATPE Seven History Page, it seems likely that Diane began the site in order to continue to be able to provide Forever Knight fans with the full contents of the report. (This version is slightly different from the one on the main site: there are some additional pictures, and others are presented at a larger size.) The site was also used to store her fan fiction, in a subfolder that was linked to from her main site.

Both sites disappeared from the web sometime in 2002. The main site was last recorded in the Internet Archive in August of that year, and the GeoCities site in October.

Wayback Machine copy

From the main archive, most (but not all) of the pages were recorded. The majority of the graphics that were on the earliest recorded version of the site were saved. However, none of the photographs of the costumes was preserved.

From the GeoCities site, the NATPE Seven report was preserved with most of its photographs and graphics. All the shorter stories (including the Forever Knight fiction) were saved; but some of Diane's longer original fiction was not.[2]


In July 2013, The Pewter Gryphon's Lair was restored by Greer Watson, who combined material from the Wayback Machine with a copy of the NATPE 7 report that had been saved by Cheryl Hoffman. This version returns the report to its original location as a subfolder in the main site.

Lacking its photographs, the page for costumes was not included in the restoration.

Archive Locations


  1. ^ Diane's liking for pewter gryphons is mentioned at the top of the index page to the website.[1]
  2. ^ The failure to record the longest stories is probably because the files (40 Kb or more) exceeded the Internet Archive's maximum limit for the size of the files that they would then record and store.