The NATPE Seven History Page

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Title: The NATPE Seven History Page
Creator: Diane Echelbarger
Date(s): 1996, 1998
Medium: report
Fandom: Forever Knight
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The NATPE Seven History Page is a report on the activities of the "SOS-FK NATPE Strike Force‎" a/k/a the "NATPE Seven", a group of seven women who went to Las Vegas in January 1996 to lobby the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) as part of the Save Our Knight campaign that was trying to influence the producers not to cancel Forever Knight. The NATPE Seven were Diane Echelbarger, Toni Holm, Cherri Munoz, Angela Lai, Catherine Boone, Dianne DeSha, and Debbie Litchman.

The front of the brochure handed out by the NATPE Seven.
Business card carried by one of the NATPE Seven.
By January 22, 1996, the preparation was done. We had thousands of bags and brochures on their way to Las Vegas, we had press releases and business cards, hotel reservations, plane tickets (for those of us not within driving distance), carpool plans (for the folks from L.A.), and even official Friends Of Forever Knight ID pins. We had the moral and emotional support of hundreds of fans just like us who weren't about to let a great show like Forever Knight die. Now all we needed to do was get to Las Vegas and brave corporate executives, convention security, and network moguls on their own turf. And after putting all that work into pulling it together, we weren't about to give up without a fight. -- from page one

The introduction was written by the leader of the NATPE Seven, Diane Echelbarger, two years later when she put the report on her website, The Pewter Gryphon's Lair, in order to record the details for posterity. Most of the pages (and a few of the pictures) are archived on the Wayback Machine. Sadly, Page 4 is missing, along with several of the ancillary pages.

The report includes the following:

  • an introduction about the cancellation of the show, and the fans' response: the decision to go to NATPE, the creation of brochures and bags to hand out, and raising money to pay for them;
  • a detailed account of their activities in Las Vegas, partly described by Diane, partly quotations from the others in the group (much of which seems to have been recorded at the time);
  • a quotations page with things said by the Seven during their trip (originally posted to ForKNI-L by Angela Lai after the trip);
  • photographs - some of these are at the convention hall, others in the hotel and around the city;
  • photos of the brochure, and a transcription of its text;
  • a photo of the business card carried by each of the Seven;
  • a transcription of "'Forever Knight' fans rise up on the Internet" by Wayne Walley, an article from Electronic Media, 1996.

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Since not all pages of the report are linked to the index page, here are links for all the pages that were archived on the Wayback Machine: