The Landau/Bain Concordance

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Name: The Landau/Bain Concordance
Dates: 1976 to 1983
Frequency: Quarterly
Location: USA
Type: fan-run
Focus: Space: 1999, Mission: Impossible
Organization: Fan club for actors Martin Landau and Barbara Bain
Founder: Terry S. Bowers
Founding Date: 1976
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The Landau/Bain Concordance was a quarterly newsletter containing news, information, fan fiction and fan art pertaining to actors Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. The newsletter was briefly entitled "Mission: 1999" at the outset of the club. The newsletters were published by The Landau/Bain Fan Association, an international fan club for the actors created and organized by Terry S. Bowers.

The newsletter and group were both officially authorized and sanctioned by both Landau and Bain.

The newsletter covered all aspects of both actor's careers including television, film, stage, and radio productions. It carried information about their work, personal appearances, and often included news clippings from newspapers and magazines. Landau and Bain would occasionally write notes that were reproduced in the periodical.

Bowers, also editor of the newsletter, was based in Wisconsin, USA during her tenure as President of the club.