The Firefly that Loved Metallica

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Title: The Firefly that Loved Metallica
Author(s): Fleshflutter
Date(s): July 2007
Length: ~10,600 words - 1:06:10 hrs
Genre: slash, Wincest
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: fic on LJ, audiobook
artwork by meret showing Dean's soul inside a whiskey bottle

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The Firefly that Loved Metallica is a Wincest story written by fleshflutter.

While it is perhaps not her most recommended work, those who do rec it are deeply enthusiastic: "Dude - totally unique. Not just cute and sweet and good writing, but so totally unique. That's impressive."[1] The story is in the process of being translated into Russian [2] and was translated into Chinese in 2008.[3]

Summary: "In which Sam has a bottle full of soul. Sam manages to get Dean’s soul back from the crossroads demon but getting that soul back to Dean isn’t nearly as simple as he thought it would be."

The story is available in podfic format, read by dodificus. One artist was so inspired by the podfic version of the story to create art: "After listening to the story, the image of Dean's tiny pink firefly soul trapped in a Whiskey bottle was firmly stuck in my mind. The only way to get it out again was to put it into art. Seriously guys, if you love Sam/Dean and have for whatever inconceivable reason never read that story, go do so now. It's gonna leave you with warm happy fuzzies at the end. :D"[4]

Reactions and Reviews

This fic takes place after ‘All Hell Breaks Loose.’ Sam makes a deal with the Crossroads Demon to rescue Dean and, to his surprise, she agrees. It’s only after the deal has been made and she’s given him Dean’s soul that he realizes it’s not going to be as easy as he’d thought to reunite his brother’s soul with his body. The Firefly that Loved Metallica comes off with an almost whimsical, fairytale quality. Dean’s soul tastes like candyfloss and it lazily floats about, thwarting all of their attempts to reunite body and soul. Despite it’s resistance, the firefly/soul is still very distinctly Dean. It “dances” to Metallica and responds only to Sam, drifting over when he calls. This fic is, without a doubt, my most favorite Sam/Dean fic. Period. It’s riveting and, despite its short length, striking and absolutely perfect. I read it for the first time roughly two and a half years ago and regardless of how much time has passed, it’s still the first fic that comes to mind when I think of this pairings (or I want to rec Sam/Dean to a friend).[5]
This story is one of those where you can't stop reading, or at least, I couldn't. Sam saved Dean's soul, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's saved Dean. Features a wonderfully vivid Ellen, Jo, and Bobby, and aside from the heartbreakingly wonderful story of Sam's love for his brother, I adored the feeling of family she creates among all the characters. Charming and lighthearted and yet it makes you hurt. The best combination.[6]
Fleshflutter is amazing anyway, but this fic in particular is brilliant. She shows just how lost Sam is without Dean, and her Jo, Ellen, and Bobby are <3 as well. One that makes you laugh and teary-eyed all at once.[7]
Bittersweet, sad and beautiful. Their love is so palpable, long before something wincesty happens.[8]
It's kind of a crazy premise - Sam gets Dean's soul back from the Crossroads demon, only it's pink and sparkly and he has to figure out how to get it back in Dean's body - but it's so amazingly well-written that it just works. The story is told from four different POVs - Sam, Bobby, Ellen, and Jo - and each character's voice rings true. Even Dean, in his pink sparkly non-speaking role, is still so very Dean. It's crazy and sad and funny and just all-around fabulolus. I adore this fic a ridiculous amount.[9]
i really love this fic, and it’s truly beautiful. i love the imagery and i love the characters, and i love sam and dean’s love for each other and their codependency. i can’t really say anything more about it without spoiling anything, but it really is a great fic.[10]
To this day, one of my favorite things in fandom is the fic that was written between AHBL II and the beginning of Season 4 when fandom had so many creative and incredible imaginings of how Dean's deal would work out. This fic swerves after AHBL and gives a great example of how much possibility that one episode opened up for fic writers to rift on.[11]
I hate this girl. Seriously. Every time she posts something, I groan and go, "Goddamnit, I'm probably going to need to rec that." And this is yet another amazingly gorgeous fic. The premise is originally and astonishing, and Sam's undying love for Dean here is just so sweet and perfect. Hurtful and satisfying. A brilliant piece.[12]
this is just the sweetest, most heart-wrenching thing ever. At the end, you'll want to hug yourself, cry, and squee all at the same time[13]
basically you can’t be in the Wincest fandom without at least having read part of this fic. It’s like a necessity. A must-have for the Wincest pack.[14]


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