The Femslash Podfic Podcast

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Title: The Femslash Podfic Podcast
Created by: twtd and Miri Cleo
Date(s): May 6, 2019-
Focus: femslash, podfic
External Links: anchor, tumblr, twitter

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The Femslash Podfic Podcast is a podcast series by twtd and miricleo.

The first podcast was released in May 2019. Each episode is split in two, with the "a" episode being a podfic and the "b" episode discussing the previously read fic.


The Femslash Podfic Podcast is Open for Business!!!

Hit us up with your requests for fics to read. We’ll be doing one episode where we read the fic and one episode where we discuss/flail over it!

These are the criteria:

  • Femslash
  • Around 5,000 words long
  • Any fandom, pairing, or rating (yeah, I’m gonna read the E stuff too)
  • No incest or pedophilia
  • No gratuitous violence
  • Preferably with the author’s permission already secured. I can ask but you probably have a better relationship with them than I do.
  • It’s completely okay to suggest your own fic!!!

That’s it! Stick it in the ask box, it’s cool if you’re an anon or you can email us at Request away!!!!!!![1]

Podcasts Episodes

Episode Fic Fandom Pairing Date
1a The Lighthouse Technique by InspectorBoxer Supergirl Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer May 6, 2019
2a levitating cause we want to (after midnight we could feel it all) by thispapermoon The Worst Witch Hardbroom/Pentangle May 13, 2019
3a Deeper Than Ever by Merfilly Rizzoli & Isles Maura Isles/Jane Rizzoli May 20, 2019
4a take me back to the night we met by ktlsyrtis Holby City Serena Campbell/Bernie Wolfe May 27, 2019
5a The Sexual Implications of Teleportation by Care Pitch Perfect Chloe Beale/Beca Mitchell June 3, 2019
6a Wonderful by twtd Gentleman Jack Anne Lister/Ann Walker June 10, 2019


  1. The Femslash Podfic Podcast is Open for Business!!!