The Equalizer Report

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Title: The Equalizer Report
Publisher: Secret Pleasures Press/Politically ImpeRfect Press
Editor(s): Rachelle S.
Date(s): 1989-1990
Medium: print
Fandom: The Equalizer
Language: English
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The Equalizer Report is a gen Equalizer anthology.

Issue 1

The Equalizer Report 1 was published in 1989 and contains 270 pages. It has a color cover by Kate Nuernberg and interior art by: Rachelle S., Renae Ransdorf, Liza Rivera, Hindman, Kate Nuernberg, Robin Walker, L. A Carr, Christine Myers, Susan Hall. This zine includes classic stories of justice for the underdog along with an episode guide.

front cover of issue #1, Kate Nuernberg
back cover of issue #1

Issue 2

'The Equalizer Report 2 was published in January 1990 and contains 330 pages.

It has a color cover by Dani Lane, interior art by Diane Hawley, Hindman, Jayne Largent, JM McClure, Kate Nuernberg, Renae Ransdorf, Liza Rivera, Rachelle S.. This zine contains more classic Equalizer stories and a Season 4 episode guide.

cover of issue #2, Dani Lane
  • World Go Round by L.A. Carr
  • Tail End Charlie by Jane Frazier
  • Dominoes by Rachelle S.
  • Revelations by Jane Frazier
  • Music for my Father by L.A. Carr
  • Too Little, Too Late by Jane Frazier
  • Ruth Anne by Rachelle S.
  • Later: a collection of things that happened, well, later
  • humorous bits by L.A. Carr and Rachelle S.

Issue 3

'The Equalizer Report 3 was published in 1990 and contains 284 pages. It has color and b&w covers by J.M. McClure, other art by Diane Hawley, Hindman, Jayne Largent, Philip Mohr, Rachelle S..

front cover of issue #3, J.M. McClure
back cover of issue #3