The Deadly Triangle

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Title: The Deadly Triangle
Publisher: Phantom Press
Date(s): 1977
Medium: print
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Language: English
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The Deadly Triangle is a 72-page gen and het digest-sized Dark Shadows anthology. It has the subtitle: "Impressions from Dark Shadows."

The fiction and poetry are by Edlyne Bond and Kathy Resch. The art is by Janet Meehan.


  • Reflections, poem by Edlyne Bond (5)
  • Now and Forever, fiction by Edlyne Bond (7)
  • Love, Pray Turn to Me, poem by Edlyne Bond (12)
  • The Progression of Angelique Light and Dark, poem by Edlyne Bond (19)
  • Fate, poem by Edlyne Bond (20)
  • The Deadly Triangle, fiction by Edlyne Bond (23)
  • Jeremiah, Wedding Night, poem by Kathy Resch (30)
  • Strangers, fiction by Kathy Resch (31)
  • Elegy on Betrayal, poem by Edlyne Bond (34)
  • The Passing of Light, fiction by Kathy Resch (37)
  • The Devil's Kiss, poem by Edlyne Bond (40)
  • Jossette, Prelude to Night, poem by Edlyne Bond (40)
  • Threshold, fiction by Edlyne Bond (42)
  • Lament, poem by Kathy Resch (49)
  • Edge, fiction by Kathy Resch (50)
  • Eternity Chain, fiction by Kathy Resch (53)
  • The Tormented Soul, poem by Kathy Resch (58)
  • The Restless Hours, fiction by Edlyne Bond (59)
  • The Death of Josette, poem by Edlyne Bond (63)
  • The Rose and the Jasmine, poem by Edlyne Bond (64)
  • The Tortured Soul, poem by Edlyne Bond (64)
  • Martinique, fiction by Edlyne Bond (67)

Reactions and Reviews

I found it impossible to put down… so many lovely, original touches ... I frankly wish that you, Kathy, and Edlyne had written the DS books instead of Dan Ross. 'Jeremiah/Wedding Night' reminds me of some of Browning's monologues. Janet's illustrations are very consistent with the characters. [1]
SUPERB! EXCELLENT! EXCITING! … THE only thing bad was that it was too short. You've got me sold for the next book and the next… [2]
Worth the money… must have read it six times already. [3]
I'm very pleased with the entire issue and would recommend it to any DS fan [4]
We are already at work on a second edition and a novella about Miranda, but in order to print them we need subscriptions. It is the same with Kathy's books, the new Concordances and Dark Angel and more. If only a few are interested these books will never get into print, but if you'd like more DS books, let us know. At present we have not filled our quota of stories for book two so if you have any particular character or idea our writers would be happy to consider them. [5]


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