Dark Shadows Concordance

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Title: Dark Shadows Concordance
Publisher: A Pentagram Publication
Editor(s): Kathy Resch
Type: fanzine
Date(s): 1977-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: fanzine
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Dark Shadows Concordance is a Dark Shadows fanzine containing episode summaries and photos. Some issues include art by Warren Oddsson. Because the publisher was eventually able to attract several hundred subscribers, later editions were perfect bound and professionally published, something almost unheard of at the time for fan publications. (NOTE from the publisher: I used the same print shop for these publications as I did for many of my other fanzines. Perfect binding was occasionally used for other fanzines of the era.)

Artwork has been uploaded to Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

Note: issues are not arranged by publication date, but chronologically by storyline as they appeared on the show.


Dark Shadows Concordance 1795 contains 205 pages. The first edition was published in 1977. The second edition is illustrated by Warren Oddsson and was published in 1989. It covers episodes 365-461. Victoria travels back in time to the year 1795. Barnabas and Josette's planned marriage; Angelique's curse of vampirism on Barnabas; Josette's suicide; Victoria's witchcraft trial.

Reactions and Reviews: 1795

This incredible fanzine features some of the finest artwork I have seen. The book includes synopses of all the flashback episodes, some photographs, cross-references of people, places and things, and is generally, a must for all DS fans. A fantastic zine. [2]


Dark Shadows Concordance 1968 - Volume 1 contains 182 pages. It was published in 1989. It features the return of Angelique as Cassandra the Dream Curse, and the creation of Adam. It covers episodes from April 1, 1968 to Sept. 2, 1968. Many photos in a 40 page photo section.

Dark Shadows Concordance 1968 - Volume 2 was published in 1990 and contains 187 pages and is illustrated by Warren Oddsson. It was published in 1989. It features the creation of Eve, Chris Jennings the werewolf, and the ghost of Quentin Collins.


Dark Shadows Concordance 1897 - Volume 1 covers episodes 701 - 791. It has 188 pages. The first edition was published in 1981. A later edition has a cover by Warren Oddsson. Extensive black and white interior art by Warren Oddsson. It summarizes the episodes which detail Barnabas' journey to the past, how Quentin became a werewolf, and the discovery of Barnabas' secret by the family.

Reactions and Reviews: 1897

Believe me, it was worth the three year wait. It is a work of art, and I'll always treasure it. I was certainly fantastic reading the episodes covering Dark Shadows' most exciting period: Also, thanks for dedicating the Concordance to the late, great Thayer David. I always thought Thayer was one of the most loyal and versatile actors on DS, but unfortunately also the most underrated. Also, unlike most of the actors on DS, Thayer did have an actual interest in the occult. [4]
You've done it again! The 1897 book is something else. I knew 1897 was my favorite time, but I had forgotten why, now I recall the drama, the mystery and action that occurred. My compliments to the artists who brought the episodes to life. [5]


Dark Shadows Concordance - Leviathan covers episodes 886-980. The concordance was published in 2003.

1970 Parallel Time

Dark Shadows Concordance 1970 - Parallel Time was published in June 1988 and contains 140 pages and is illustrated by Warren Oddsson. It was published in 1988. It covers the parallel universe where Maggie, married to Quentin, is terrorized by the apparent ghost of Angelique.


Dark Shadows Concordance 1840 covers episodes 1061-1245. The first edition was published in 1987 and has 287 pages.

It covers the final nine months of the series: the 1995 flash-forward, the summer of 1970 and the ghosts of Gerard and Daphne, the flashback to 1840, and the 1841 Parallel Time story.


Dark Shadows Concordance 1991: Dark Shadows in the 90s was published in 1992 and contains 271 pages. It features behind-the-scenes story of the making of "Dark Shadows 1991." Exclusive interviews with Joanna Going and Lysette Anthony, plus a writer's interview with Sam and Matt Hall dealing with proposed storylines for the never-filmed season two. Over 100 photos. Biographies and photos on all the major cast members. Cast and technical lists, plot summaries. Color covers.

Reactions and Reviews

Almost every volume was illustrated by the late Warren Oddsson. Sometimes Oddsson's artistic choices seemed strange to me -- he had a particular problem with women's hair, especially the ringlets worn by almost every female character in the 18th century -- but now, twenty some years after I found my way into DS fandom, Oddsson's illustrations take me back to that time, when I was just discovering the joy of collecting anything Shadows-related I could get my paws on. [6]
Come with me back to those glorious yester years ... remember running home breathlessly, throwing open the front door, and heading straight for the television, hoping against hope that you hadn't missed the opening of your favorite soap opera--DARK SHADOWS? Get ready to experience that breathless thrill all over again, because the DARK SHADOWS concordances are HERE! [Kathy Resch] has compiled two of the most important sections of the saga of the Collins family in these two volumes--the Parallel time of 1970 and the 1840 period. Both volumes are perfect bound, running about 140 and 287 pages, respectively. and contain episode synopses of the story. The type is clear and clean; the illustrations run from exquisitely lavish, to simply evocative. and the episode guides ... ahh ... the episode guides ... Had someone decided to transfer the scripts into a readable prose the effort could not have been more successful. I find the books invaluable for cataloging and identifying taped episodes. but there's nothing to beat the sheer enjoyment of kicking back and just READING. Comparisons between the actual episodes and this set of guides have proved to my satisfaction that the guide is as accurate as possible and i can only imagine the amount of work spent in compiling and arranging such a mountain of information. Concordances covering other periods of the show will be printed or reprinted in the future. Needless to say. I await them with breathless anticipation and recommend the purchase of either volume, as both are a professional and entertaining package that would be a welcome addition to any collection. [7]


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