The Darker Side of Sunnydale Interview with bulletproof

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Title: The Darker Side of Sunnydale Interview with bulletproof
Interviewee: bulletproof
Date(s): 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Angel and Buffy
External Links: full interview is here; reference link
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bulletproof was interviewed for The Darker Side of Sunnydale, a Buffy site.
Some Faith. God, I could spend an eternity in her head and still have some left-over mysteries to unravel. There's just so much about her to play around with. She's so angry and lost and insecure and just plain fucked up that there's absolutely no way you can turn away from her. She's an amazing, beautiful creature, possibly one of the best that Joss has created. So much deeper and intriguing than the two-dimensional card-board cut-outs he's created for Season 4 (that's right, I hate Riley. Do NOT get me started).
*sigh* here comes my confession: I spend most of my time writing fluff. B/A fluff at that. And so I know, first hand, that you can spend all day dreaming, hoping, whatever, you're still going to be left feeling empty. Darker stories, hmmm... The thing I love about darker stories is the fact that they're not too afraid to deal with the things that people normally shy away from. That they're quite happy to recognise the fact that there's some things that the censor left out. I'm a walking paradox. So shoot me.
Ah, now see, that depends on how I'm feeling at any particular time on any particular day. That is, if I feel like some plotless, pointless fluff, or something more thought-provoking that'll leave me speechless for the next few hours. Well fluff-wise, I'm obviously going to go for Angel and IWRY, because, well, you figure it out, and on other days, (I'll normally head for fic, but that's not the question) I'm more inclined towards Faith and Who Are You? or Sanctuary. BUT as a general rule, I'm good for any eps that contain minimal a) Riley, b) whining (and my God, can the Scoobies whine), c) cheese (ie. scaling the moral high-ground).

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