The Darker Side of Sunnydale Interview with Puca Dentata

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Title: The Darker Side of Sunnydale Interview with Puca Dentata
Interviewee: Puca Dentata
Date(s): June 2001
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Angel and Buffy
External Links: full interview is here; reference link
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Puca Dentata was interviewed for The Darker Side of Sunnydale, a Buffy website.
They are all befuddled. they're whiny, they are wanton, they have issues and loves and hates and remind me ever so much of people I have met. It's that entire FUBAR thing. Take relatively normal people and place them in a situation "fucked up beyond all recognation." See what happens.
Well, what Joss says goes. I wish Angel would have sired Spike, 'cause that's just tragic and lovely and even more FUBAR. But Dru did. So. I *like* that vampires could purr. They can growl, so why not purr? I'll live by that one. I'm all for Fan-non until Can-non decides the rules once and for all. And then, don't fuck with it. At least not the little things or unless you are doing a total AU. Don't throw a hissy fit and do it as you will, i guess. You know?
I'm always intrigued by the "failure" stories, those that don't let the good guys win. What is it about this genre that draws you? Because the good guy *doesn't* always win. No one does. On a show where the good guy triumphs, it's intriguing to ask, "Well, what if they hadn't won?" Because for me, frankly, it's easier to love the sad misfits that struggle along like the rest of us.

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