The Darker Side of Sunnydale Interview with Annie Sewell-Jennings

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Title: The Darker Side of Sunnydale Interview with Annie Sewell-Jennings
Interviewee: Annie Sewell-Jennings
Date(s): March 2001
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Angel and Buffy
External Links: full interview is here; reference link
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Annie Sewell-Jennings was interviewed for The Darker Side of Sunnydale, a Buffy site.
Color is definitely a big tool for me. I love using color in whatever I write, if only because it describes the character better than mere words can. Buffy's always golden, from her skin to her hair, and that somehow gets across the heroism inside of her. It makes her glow. Spike is more of a metallic creature, with that lightning hair and the white-gold skin. He's something dangerous and sharp, electric. Color sets mood, sets characterization, and it helps me get into the story. Whether it's twilight purples and blues or red-gold candlelight, I love using color in my stories.
First of all, heehee. <G> When I first wrote that story, I was a Buffy/Angel girl. I started watching the show when "Amends" first aired, and that meant that I missed out on a lot of Spike. In fact, I never really saw the wonder that is Spike until "The Harsh Light of Day", when Spike was shirtless and crawling into bed with Harmony. Shirtless James... Oh, I was instantly addicted. I went back and dissected all of the old episodes, and I decided that they were the couple for me. They're perfectly destructive together.
What draws me? The show itself is wonderful. The characters inspire me and make me want to explore certain aspects of the show. First of all, there's a never-ending plot that gives both questions and answers, and I love how the show moves so consistently and with such a sense of continuity. There are a good number of characters to work with, all well-developed and interesting, and the language and slang is so unique that it's fun to dive into. Plus, there are a number of metaphors and multiple levels of the show to explore. Everything about "Buffy" is fun, from the silly episodes to the heartbreaking ones, and I love writing about the show.
Music. I absolutely need music to write. When Napster closes down, I don't know what I'm going to do. When writing smut, I listen to things like Pulp, Portishead, Moby, Bis, Radiohead, and the guilty pleasure of some old Chris Isaak. Angst is all about Sarah McLachlan (trite, perhaps, but there's a reason why so many writers love her), Grant Lee Buffalo, a little bit of Janis Ian and Simon & Garfunkel, and my beloved REM. I'm also a big fan of Beth Orton. Music creates atmosphere, helps me get into the scene.

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