The Corruption of Ben Solo

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Title: The Corruption of Ben Solo
Author(s): dentigerous, wraithnoir
Date(s): 2016 - 2017
Length: >460,000 words
Genre: Slash
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
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The Corruption of Ben Solo is a seven-part series of 460,969 words by dentigerous and wraithnoir. The series was begun May 10th, 2016, and updated as complete May 25th, 2017.

When Ben Organa Solo decides to leave the temple to follow his father instead of his uncle, the voices in his head recede. He doesn't know it, but for the time, he's safe. Then, a typical run for his father's acquisition business goes sour, and he takes a First Order general hostage. All his convictions are thrown into disarray, and when he's given the chance to explore his power, all of it, he takes it.
General Arrik Hux knows power. Seeing it so tightly contained in Ben Solo creates an intense need to have the man, to tie him close with bonds of loyalty and regard. He imagines himself keeping his own personal Sith enforcer, the respect he would command with Ben Solo's name harnessed to his. It's not long before the two have twined their fates together, their stars connecting in an intricate constellation of trust, anger, ambition and desire.
This is the story of how Ben Solo, 28, late attendant of the Senate, successful smuggler, failed Jedi padawan, is seduced by the Dark Side, dragged down by a man who's never given a chance to see the Light.

Or the AU where Ben doesn’t go dark side as a teenager, becomes a smuggler, and Hux corrupts him instead.[1]


Reactions and Reviews

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WIP. I’ll stop rec'ing this… someday. It’s the Ben Solo epic that we all need. Hux is manipulative, Ben is ambitious, and together they’re unstoppable.[2]


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