The Colors of Love (Star Trek: TOS filks)

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Filk Songbook
Title: The Colors of Love
Publisher: the publishers of Contact
Date(s): 1977
Medium: print booklet (accompanied with a 33 rpm record album)
Subject: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover of the songbook

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"The Colors of Love" is a slash collection of filksongs. Words and music by April Valentine, Beverly Volker and Kathy Burns. Published 1977, printed offset, stapled, 30 pages. All original and all Star Trek-related, chorded for guitar. The music is included so it could be played on a piano. This booklet was the supplement for the record album of the same name.

There were 500 copies in the first (only?) print run.

From the Editorial

As you hold this booklet in your hands, or listen to our songs,you may wonder where and how "The Colors of Love" was born. We didn't sit down one day and say, "Let's do an album," or even, "Let's write some songs." Our collaboration started almost before we realized it had begun, or had a chance to think about what was happening. Last summer, Kathy offered to transcribe and complete some of the tunes to lyrics that Beverly Volker had written. At the same time, without even knowing that Kathy played guitar, I ([April]) concocted the words to "You're My Home, Enterprise", borrowing, of course, John Denver's famous and catchy tune. I brought my guitar to a mini-con and we sort of discovered each other's mutual enjoyment of folk music.

With more guts than brains, we girls commandeered my husband, [name redacted], and entered our song in the BI-CON costume call. No one was more shocked than the three of us when we won third prize. After that, events took control. Our friends seemed to think it only natural that we should continue to write songs to be sung at our own local confabs.

The easy ones came first. Kathy worked out "The Hope of Mankind" and "He's Dead" to Bev's words. Then, one inspired two a.m. came the lyrics to"Song for the Angel". Next morning, Kathy's tune melded to my words and our partnership was born. Our collaboration took new direction as we began really working on songs. Almost as fast as I could write the lyrics, Kathy would complete the tunes. Soon, Carolyn Venino joined us, rounding out our sound with much needed harmony. In spite of the fact there were now four of us we illogically decided to stick with the name Omicron Ceti Three. ( Whoever heard of the planet Omicron Ceti Four ??)

It was kind of like in-service training. Each song took new directions, musically and poetically, as we tried to express the love we feel for the future universe presented in STAR TREK as well as the love we saw expressed in the aired programs and in fan fiction.

We saw, first and foremost, the love and devotion the two central characters, Kirk and Spock, have for each other, and we responded to that love musically. Most of our songs are a result of the response, either describing the things we see in the Kirk/Spock relationship or putting words and music to the innermost feelings we have ascribed to the characters.


  • Editorial (2)
  • What is the Color (4)
  • The Hope of Mankind (6) (a sample of this song was uploaded to Youtube in 2014)
  • Song for the Angel (8)
  • Beyond Orion (13)
  • Destiny (24)
  • Future Dream (17)
  • Heal Thyself (10)
  • The Test (12)
  • The Contact Song (14)
  • You're My Home Enterprise (16)
  • He's Dead (18)
  • Idic is the Sign (30)
  • Now and Later (26)
  • One from Two (22)
  • Please Explain (20)
  • Stars Go Down (28)

Sample Interior Gallery

The LP Album

Reactions and Reviews

flyer, click to read
I sat down and played an album I've had for a while but hadn't heard yet... I wish I'd played it sooner -- it has a fresh clear clean sound, perfect for these lovingcaringsharing friendship ballads that are partly for Kirk and Spock, and partly for all of us. It's presented by CONTACT, and yes, "bright are the colors of love. [1]
We've got another album of Trek songs! The prize-winning Omicron Ceto Three (plus one), a group consisting of Rodney Burns, [April Valentine], Kathy Burns, and Caroline Venino, perform 10 of their original songs for you listening pleasure. Each composition tells its own story, and has its own style and rhythm, but the main theme of the entire collection can be stated in one word: love. They have captured musically, the essence of what made Star Trek live. Several songs may move you to tears, in particular, Kirk's song to Edith Keeler and my personal favorite, 'The Test.' Even a Vulcan would react to the motion captured so beautifully on this bit of round plastic. Each song is better than the next and both sides of the album vie for 'first place.' 'Beyond Orion' deserves to be recorded professionally and released as a single. [2]
"The 'Star Trek'-derived name and lyrics suggest this should be space-rock, but in fact it’s old-fashioned harmony folk with simple acoustic guitar backing. All the songs are credited as originals, but they draw heavily from traditional sources (with ‘The Test’ borrowing its melody wholesale from ‘The Great Silkie’). With a very English, gentle sound, it’s a charming album and a mildly interesting curio. They went on to cut two further cassettes, Only Stars Can Last (1979) and Omicron Ceti III And Friends (1980), which I have never encountered. GRADE: C+."[3]
"This first lp by an essentially unknown collective of sci-fi hippies is even better than their later one..."[4]


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