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Name: The Clockwork Archives
Owner/Maintainer: Sam, later Lar
Dates: before 2001 - present
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
URL: (Wayback) (Wayback)
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The Clockwork Archives is an Angel/Spike fanfic site. The site was originally hosted by GeoCities[1] but in 2001 it moved to a new location where it closed down a few months later.[2] The closed down website told readers to check out eterniata*eros [unbound] "for some great fiction."[2]

It looks like the site ended up at Obsessed Much:
So there we were the other night, and Sam tells me she is taking down TCA. I cried and I begged and I pleaded, but to no avail. She said she was moving on to other avenues of fiction, and was ready to leave CV behind.

And you have to applaud an author who is ready to do that. It upped my already considerable admiration for her by more points than I can tally. She's quite an amazing author, despite her desire to tell me that I'm biased. Maybe I am biased to liking her since she is my friend. But to me, "The Clockwork Vampire," flaws and all, is a piece of work that has left its mark on the fandom.

I'm not ready to let it go.

And much as she made a site in tribute to "Trilogy," I've made one in tribute to "The Clockwork Vampire."

Because, damn it, it needs to be here.


Description from Pointy Stakes:

The Clockwork Vampire: What if Spike had come to Angel, instead of the Scoobies? Pretty much the original take on this plot, and still the best. (Though "To Take You In" by Jessica, is almost as good.) Angel/Spike, with Wesley/Doyle thrown in for good measure, and the best damn characterizations on the face of the planet, of everyone who walks through the door of Angel Investigations. Including, eventually, Xander, for which I love SpiritSam all the more. The Archive also has links to Donna and Jessica's "Days of Our Unlives," which is racing CV neck and neck for funniest and hottest A/S on the planet, and several other great series and stories, including "The Deal" by Esmeralda, le superhot/sweet/touching X/S/A/D series. Whew. Have I babbled about Spirit enough here? No? Go and read.[3]


The Clockwork Vampire Series

I've always Remembered You - After watching 'The Initiative', I wondered what might have happened if Spike had run to LA instead of Buffy. This huge series deals with the Angel series from that hypothetical point. In this episode, two old enemies reunite on unfamiliar grounds.

Who Wants to be a Hero - Just how different would 'Hero' have turned out if Spike had been with the team?

Nice gift, mind if I keep it? - Wesley's arrival is still scheduled in LA, but how will he react to two legendary killers?

Insomnia Tips for the Undead - Penn's keeping Angel awake at nights and Spike has to deal with his sibling's return.

Keeping the Oven Empty - Cordelia's pregnant, Wesley's worried about being thought of as gay, Spike's revealing some of his humanity...can Angel and Doyle cope with all these hormones on the loose?

She Ra and the Party Poppers - To be honest, this is for anyone who thought Jheira didn't have any chemistry with Angel and thought something quite nasty should happen to her.

Breathing Down the Zeppo's neck - I couldn't resist. A much underused character from Sunnydale comes to LA to escape death threats. And there seems to be passion smouldering somewhere unexpected.

Under my Skin and in my Bed - You remember the little boy possessed? You remember Spike's natural perception? Add it all up and this exorcism becomes slightly different.

Past, Present, Passée - Sombody's come to party, and she's not in a very giving mood. Angst, angst and the weirdest vampire staking so far.

The Fight Club's for Wimps - WARNING, DEALS WITH RAPE - Spike and Angel's relationship is pushed to the limit when an unforeseen enemie decides to make his move.

Eternity is time without You - still dealing with the impact of rape, the vampires have to face angelus once more. And is that vampire amused, or angry about his childe's new relationship?

Change is good for the Soul - with angelus' cruel revelations, Cordelia, Wesley and Doyle are still reeling. So the arrival of both an incubus and Xander only serves to heighten the tension.

I'd rather have a four by four - Faith's contract on Angel has been given, but with the change of circumstance, her methods have become even more deadly.

Why Are You? - Wolfram and Hart, deeply disappointed with their failure, try a new tactic to rid themselves of the troublesome vampires. And Megan is some form or other.

I've never been that blind - Lindsay, disgusted with the idea of killing the children, makes his trip to Angel's offices. But there are people there who want more than just redemption. Lindsay McDonald, meet revenge

To Shansu, In loving memory - Angel's reward; does it sound that enticing in his current position. And how far will Spike go to keep things as they are?

Judge me - After season one, Angel and Spike spend a little downtime to appraise each other.


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