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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Champagne Glass
Author: Blue Champagne
Dates: 05 December 1998 or before - 16 September 2000 or later; the page was last modified on: 23 May 2000
Fandom: Star Trek DS9, Star Trek VOY, Star Trek TNG, in-Trek crossovers
URL: (Wayback, 2000)
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The Champagne Glass was a personal fanfiction site. It was a member of The Star Trek Slash Ring, the Dr. Julian Bashir Ring, and the Ultimate Julian Bashir WebRing.

Being a repository for the plot-infested Star trek slash fiction of Blue Champagne Slash n. A fanfic story pairing two characters of the same sex, with or without variations on that theme. Within-slash-standard ratings appear story by story. I've added htm links to expurgated versions of the NC-17 stories, which versions usually came out rated about PG-13. Said ratings are all for adult situations and intimate encouters; with the exceptions of the two labeled spoofs and "Shock Treatment", there's no swearing that can't be used on prime-time network TV. If you're under 18 or there are other legal problems with slash where you live, well, you've been warned. (The expurgated versions contain all the plot of the more explicit versions; sometimes there's a small amount of expository dialogue missing, but the stories remain coherent.)[1]


In-Trek Crossovers

Rupture Rapture EXTREME PARODY.(R for language) TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY Okay yes, I am crazy, but that's beside the point. When one of Jadzia's practical jokes backfires in a really big way, we wind up with the crews of all four series trying to fix the problem. I'm not even gonna try to describe it any farther than that. References to f/f are rife. (172K)

The Layover Stories

Nolo Contendere (PG-13) TNG/DS9 {Troi/Kira} During the layover the Enterprise makes at station Deep Space Nine in TNG's sixth season and DS9's first, Major Kira receives a request from the provisional government to--as the station's Bajoran-Federation Liaison officer--play unofficial goodwill ambassador aboard the Enterprise. Her assigned host is one Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi, who has a way of making even tiresome diplomatic chores interesting--when two opposing philosophies go head-to-head. (106K)

Inheritors (PG-13) TNG/DS9 {Crusher/Dax} Dr. Beverly Crusher's part in the aqueduct restoration program on Bajor, with which the Enterprise is assisting, is over fairly quickly. But when she tries the Alturan relaxation program in Quark's holosuites, she finds he's made a modification to the program drastic enough to warrant storming up to the bar and threatening Quark with bodily harm unless she gets her credit back. A young Starfleet lieutenant--a Trill!--offers to help settle the dispute, and the two go on to discover that human memories and Trill symbiont memories can be equally difficult to understand and make peace with. (The Layover stories can be read separately, but if read together, Nolo Contendere goes better first.) (116K)

The layover sequels

Nolle Prosequi (PG-13) TNG/DS9 {Kira/Troi} Kira witnesses a terrorist bombing while with a tour group at an ancient Bajoran city carved from the broken inselberg shafts of an extinct volcano. In one of the other Spires, Deanna Troi is taking the tour as well--and barely escapes with her life when she undertakes to save a man who may be responsible for the attack. With the discovery of the continued existence of a branch of the resistance that swears to die in the act of defying the oppressor, Nerys and Deanna must go undercover in a desert salvage town in the same province as the one where the attack occurred, to determine the extent of the possible internal threat to the Provisional Government and to Bajor in general. Warning; this story and its sequel, Legacy, which details Beverly and Jadzia's contribution to the case, dovetail together at the end; therefore, the final word on the case is in Legacy and not this story. (282K)

The Next Generation

Metascar (PG-13) {Troi/Yar, Troi/Crusher} When the Enterprise encounters Commander Sela, Counselor Troi experiences some inexplicable metaconscious symptoms--inexplicable until she goes to Dr. Crusher for help, and we find that Tasha's death had an even greater impact on Deanna than anyone else could have known at the time. Set in the same universe as the Layover stories and the Voyager and Crisis Team series, some years before any of the others. (129K)

Deep Space 9

The Image series

Afterimage (PG-13) {Julian/Miles} After Miles O'Brien's ordeal in the DS9 episode "Hard Time", we find his recovery's progress has hit another serious snag. Dr. Julian Bashir undertakes to find out what it might be. (21K)

Graven Image (something between R and NC-17) {Julian/Miles} Miles is a little rocked by his experience of mutual attraction with Major Kira, who is carrying his and Keiko's baby. He'd been feeling a bit...unsettled by it all to begin with--natural enough, of course--but when his nightmares of Argratha start recurring--with a not-entirely-unexpected-twist--Keiko comes to see Julian. Miles, after all the progress he's made, seems, in some ways, to be relapsing into his Argrathi-provoked condition. (118K) PG-13

In Another Life (PG-13 for adult situations) {Julian/Miles, Jadzia/Keiko} This one can actually be read alone; there are only a few references to "Afterimage" and "Graven Image" in it, and they're self-explanatory. This is the first of these M/Js I've tried writing from Miles's point of view, or in this case more than one Miles, so be warned. Our favorite DS9 engineer is exposed to a quantum filament similar to the one that had Worf bouncing all over the realm of quantum possibility in the TNG episode "Parallels"; but this one, being artificially generated, closes before the solution that returned Worf and his parallel counterparts to their own realities can be implemented. Major undying thanks to Alice, beta reader extraordinaire, for that and suggesting a scene that balanced the ending much better than in my original. (227K)

Shattered Image (R) {Julian/Miles} Julian is a little rocked himself due to his unexpected and widespread reputation as a genetically engineered human. Miles and Keiko, and their entire family, up to and including Yoshi and Major Kira, undertake to help him over the worst of the transition. (120K) PG-13

Dr. Bashir, I Presume (G) This is a transcription of the episode, *only* the parts directly connected with Julian's life-altering experiences. If you haven't seen the show and you don't want it spoiled, DON'T read this--I include it here because several of the stories include references to it, most particularly "Shattered Image". If you don't mind reading a transcription of the ep before you see it, it'll make the last ID Crisis stories and the last two Image stories much clearer. INTENDED FOR NON-PROFIT USE ONLY. (63K)

The Crisis Team Series

Identity Crisis (PG) {Julian/Miles} This story is set in a different potential universe than the Image series, occurring between the episodes "Explorers" and "Facets". Miles, understandably upset over the troubles in his marriage, becomes increasingly less civil to Julian, for no reason Julian can fathom--but the general station speculation about why is about to drive Julian to distraction. (44K)

Diamond Wall (NC-17) {Julian/Miles/Keiko} Sequel to Identity Crisis. Julian suffers a massive plasma burst in a runabout with Miles, who barely manages to save his life--but Julian doesn't know just how close to death's door he was. Not only that, Julian's lost some recent memories, unimportant as he thinks--until he gets an urgent subspace message from Keiko. (205K) PG-13

There Are Always Alternatives (PG-13) {Julian/Miles/Keiko} This story is a sequel to Diamond Wall, set in the same era of DS9 as the first two stories in this series. Miles is having trouble dealing with the aftermath of "Diamond Wall" and Julian suggests several options as to a course of action toward rectifying the situation. They wind up in couselor Telnori's office, and Keiko winds up making an emergency visit to the station after Miles calls to tell her about the problem. Julian experiences an identity crisis of his own. (142K)

The Eighth Alternative (NC-17) {Julian/Miles/Keiko} The final (yes, blast it, final! Shut up, Julian!) story in the Crisis Team series. (Obviously, as witness the stories below, I am lying about that.)For this turn around the block, the guys are off to Bajor to help Keiko and her staff research and explore a botanical find that should provide a natural source of revenue for Bajor and a valuable medicine and industrial commodity for the Federation. The two governments are working jointly on the project. By this time, all our heroes are getting just pretty darn used to having each other around; to the point that Keiko is getting morning sickness (NO. It can't be. Can it...?), Miles is getting all weepy, and Julian ends up having to do some pretty inventive thinking to head off a possibly calamitous culmination--though he may already be too late. Features major pyrotechnical effects. (202K) PG-13

The crisis team series continues

In their own little world; These three pieces are the only so-to-speak serious ones here that are directly contradicted by canon. The first relates an extremely different ending to the events of "The Eighth"; the second and third extrapolate on those events.

The Ninth Alternative (NC-17) {Julian/Miles/Keiko} An Alternate Ending...Identical to the Eighth until just after the scene where Molly and Julian have a water fight in the bathroom, drenching the area. After that...a certain off-camera scene occurs on-camera, and goes in the exact opposite direction than the way Julian had been planning. Revelations, mountain shrines, Keiko in Jadzia's lap, stationwide mayhem, a bottle of scotch. Thanks again, Alice, for beta-ing above and beyond the call, and suggesting another scene. (335K) PG-13

Married to the Mob: Or; What Were Those Alternatives Again? (PG-13, adult situations) {Julian/Miles/Keiko, all of whom are pretty darned intimate with Kira, but not sexually} This is a series of short peeks into the stretch during which Kira was pregnant and living with the O'Briens, on the life, times and near-insanity of a household of a child and four adults (*two* of them pregnant in this "Ninth" spin-off, three of them crucial station personnel), and speculates on how the events of each episode of that time span (fourteen of them in all) would come across for the members of the station's clan O'Brien. Mostly written for laughs, but I had to keep the sensibilities of the rougher eps in mind in those segments, too. (104K)

Gene Blues: Or; As the Station Spins (NC-17) {Julian/Miles/Keiko, some PG-13 Julian/Garak, implied f/f} Once again, we are observing how the events of a particular span of episodes--in this case, from the ending of "Married to the Mob" at "The Begotten" starting with the following ep, "For the Uniform" and continuing to "Call to Arms" affect our never-to-be-seen-in-House-Beautiful family, the DS9 O'Briens. I realize the whole point of "Mob" was to watch the interaction of Julian, Miles, Keiko, Kira, Molly and two heavily occupied uteri in one house, but...well...blame Raonaid. She made me do it. She wanted to see Julian and Molly's baby. (No, no, it's not like it sounds.) And I'm very suggestible. Thank you, Raonaid of CPSG fame, for instigation, editing and betaing. (222K) PG-13

Other Stories

Shock Treatment {No sex; R for the occasional cussword you can't say on network TV.} This is a spoofy and silly reply to a challenge Jen made on the Cardassia Sutra page, to wit: Yeah, yeah, Mary Sues are always gorgeous and talented and impress the hell out of all the characters and et cetera. But what if you, personally, as yourself, were really somehow transported to DS9? How would you really act? Be as honest and realistic as possible. Well, here it is, please be gentle with me. I'm scared enough. And thanks to Miles O'Brien for being the big sweetie he is. Also written for laughs, despite the fact that I spend the whole story borderline psychotic. 118K

Who Do Ya Love...? {PG for general weirdness} This came about in an hour or so one night after it occured to me that Julian would make a lovely name for a girl, even without adding or dropping any letters. It's less a funny story and more a bent contemplation. Probably the shortest thing I've written that wasn't a song, for those of you who've noticed I have sheer heck writing anything shorter than 100K. (14K)

Sleep {G} {Miles and Julian} This is a somewhat melancholy canon-oriented short dealing with how incredibly affected and upset Julian was during "A Time to Stand", the second of the "Call to Arms" triple ep when we lost something like ninety-five percent of the Seventh Fleet to the Dominion. I'm thinking that despite their own worries, his closest friends might have been concerned enough for him to step in and help...(19K)

Breathe {PG-13} {Miles/Julian, Julian and Garak} This, like the above two, is a stand-alone, a much more straight-ahead hurt/comfort than is usually my wont. Very dark, but no explicit scary scenes. Julian, for no reason Miles can fathom, has taken off in an attempt to rescue Mila from Dukat's people--and wound up in a situation even Garak wouldn't try to take on. Miles would, though--and, with a ship loaded with enough armament and equipment to wage war against an entire primitive-warp-capability civilization, takes off, sans any sort of permission, to break Julian out of the Cardassian base at Alur Six. (143K)

The Pride of Lions {NC-17} {Julian/Mirror Julian, Ezri/Mirror Keiko, Mirror Julian/Garak, Julian/Garak, assorted f/f references} Okay, judging by the pairing listing, you'd think this was wall-to-wall smut; it isn't. For a story this length there's surprisingly little, but we're still definitely talking NC-17.

Here goes: The Intendant has kidnapped Ezri from our universe for several nefarious purposes; Julian convinces Sisko to let him be the one to try and retrieve her, since Julian has an in with Smiley, having been the one whose pep talk convinced Smiley to try escaping his tame-theta position. While there, Julian meets Captain Bashir, who assists him in the rescue attempt due to the fact that Ezri carries Jadzia's memories--and Capt. B. can't abide the thought of leaving even so little of Jadzia in the hands of the Intendant.

Julian assumes that his double was never genetically enhanced, which turns out to be untrue; he was not, however, enhanced in the same areas Julian was, and our Julian undertakes to help him cope in such a way that he won't have to be quite such a stone bastard to everybody, eventually bringing him home for concentrated medical attention. Mirror Keiko, a former friend, then associate, of Capt. B., comes too.

Owing to the severity with which Fleet frowns on traffic between quantum universes--Worf's disastrous trip being the worst-known example, after Data finished writing his paper about it--Julian and his counterpart are forced to settle on an improbable, maybe impossible, course of action...when they fall solidly and completely in love.

Once again, my beta-reader/editor Alice has made me look a lot better than I possibly could on my own with something this big. Alice, next time I have a large envelope full of cash lying around gathering dust, it's yours. <BG> Failing that, my best wishes to your clones.

   Pride1-5(137K)     Pride6-10(158K)    Pride11-15(133K)    Pride16-20(132K)    Pride21-25(221K)    Pride26-30(171K)


Heartwood (PG-13) {Janeway/Torres} The ship encounters a planet that seems both devoid of sentient life and laden with heavy minerals and other resources very valuable to Voyager. As the situation seems simple and peaceful, Captain Kathryn Janeway decides to accompany Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres as the science officer half of a science/engineering team in the survey shuttle. Things start to go downhill when the shuttle encounters an undetected buoyed defense net and winds up stuck on the surface, where circumstances go from confusing to ridiculous. Aboard Voyager, the command crew is dealing with their own problems...and Kes is sleepwalking. (121K)

The River (NC-17) {Janeway/Torres} Sequel to "Heartwood". B'Elanna is working on a project which, if successful, will augment the ship's sensor capabilities to detect hazards like quantum filaments. But when she gets too close to the biocircuitry from which the modification device is largely made, she becomes part of the circuit--and winds up in sickbay, telling the Captain why this sensor modification could lead to a way back to the Alpha quadrant. (187K) PG-13

The Apple (NC-17, the only one I {or Liz} has done which has this rating for language.) Hi. Blue Champagne and LizGriffin here. This story was created in six wild-eyed, brain-fevered hours, and despite the title, is not a rehash of that TOS, bad-hair-having, David-Soul-featuring, body-paint-by-fire-extiguisher, big-rock-eating-snake-head, overdone-plot-idea, blatantly-prime-directive-ignoring excuse for an episode of what's supposed to be one of the best shows ever on TV. This is a Voyager spoof. We just want you to know that we intended to make fun, here--primarily of ourselves.(70K)


In the venerable halls of learning at TrekSmut University, I may always be a grad student. But that doesn't keep me from making a lot of noise about it all.

Some Are Born to Treksmut (PG-13, adult subject matter) Hey, nobody ever said my office had to look like everybody else's. Nobody even said it had to have a window. Actually, I had a window office at one time, and Julian made me really sorry about it. Thanks to my advisor/department head Doctor Science for letting me include her. (25K)

The Story Of My Life (PG, a couple of misbehaving boobs) I went through hell getting that thesis written, and what do I get for it--snubbed. Ah, well, maybe it did the trick. Stay tuned to find out if so, and how the graduation party goes. Thanks to the ever-tolerant Doc Science, my beloved beta Alice, and the inestimable Sileya. (10K)


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