The Booze Brothers

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Title: The Booze Brothers
Author(s): Dr. Ruthless
Date(s): 2000 or before
Length: ~79,930 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: The Booze Brothers (TER/MA)
The Booze Brothers (The Clinic)

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The Booze Brothers is a Spender/Krycek, Mulder/Krycek slash series by Dr. Ruthless.

The story covers by The Theban Band for The Booze Brothers, The Booze Brothers II: Hard Licker, The Booze Brothers IV: Cock Tales for Two, and The Booze Brothers VI: One for the Road were nominated in the FOX Awards.


  • Booze Brothers 1 : Beer and Whine. NC-17. Be careful who you pick up in a bar. They may not always have your best interests at heart.

  • Booze Brothers 2 : Hard Licker. NC-17. Jeffy's getting interesting things in the mail, and someone is going to come and show himhow to use them.
  • Booze Brothers 3 : Shaken and then Stirred. NC-17. Mulder is prepared to spend Christmas all alone as usual, but Alex Krycek has other ideas.
  • Booze Brothers 4 : Cock Tales for Two. NC-17. Fox is weakening, Alex is cuter than ever, and Jeffrey is yearning.
  • Booze Brothers 5 : On The Rocks. NC-17. Sometimes we have to leave the honeymoon behind and return to work.
  • Booze Brothers 6 : One For The Road. NC-17. Two is company,but there's a third who can't cope with rejection.
  • Booze Brothers 7 : Last Call. Very NC-17. Please take warning seriously. If you kick a dog often enough, it will bite you. Jeffy is nuts.
  • Booze Brothers 8 : Highballs. NC-17. On the anniversary of the first time they finally got it together, Fox and Alex share a little Christmas togetherness.

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On the brutal side XF: Mulder and Krycek's idyllic relationship takes a terrible turn when Spender kidnappes Krycek in part 7, Last Call, or read the entire Booze Brothers series.[1]


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