The Best of Trek Fanfic Interview with Judith aka OdoGoddess

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Interviews by Fans
Title: The Best of Trek Fanfic Interview with Judith aka OdoGoddess
Interviewer: The Best of Trek Fanfic
Interviewee: OdoGoddess
Date(s): August 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Star Trek: DS9
External Links: An Interview with Judith aka OdoGoddess; reference link
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The Best of Trek Fanfic Interview with Judith aka OdoGoddess was conducted in 2000.

It is part of a series of nineteen interviews, see The Best of Trek Fanfic.


[What is your favorite series to watch? To write for?]: DS9, hands down. TOS is close to my heart and TNG had fascinating concepts, but I had trouble identifying with any of the characters on either series. Then DS9 came on, and as I watched "A Man Alone", and heard Odo admitting to Quark that he didn't understand the humanoid need to couple, followed by his dismissive cautionary tale on the compromises people in relationships need to make -- I was caught. A lot of fans chose to take what he said at face value, that he was this alien who didn't understand humanoid behavior. However, thanks to having lost my fiance to cancer back in '91, I just *knew* that Odo wasn't grousing -- he was *lonely*. I could relate to that. And with each passing week and episode, I became more and more fond of that blue-eyed, gruff-mannered, but soft-hearted constable. :)

[What type of fanfic do you like to write?]: Hurt/comfort. Not physical so much as emotional, although I've written both. I like angst fanfic, but with eventual assuagement of the turmoil. I also enjoy writing 'what-if?' fanfic. As in: what-if Odo and Kira had gotten together after the events of "Way of the Warrior". That's the what-if I posed in "Unexpected".
[How did you get started writing fanfic?]: I actually started writing Star Wars fanfic back when I was all of 13.

Leia's plight at being the sole survivor of Alderaan, coupled with the fact I felt neither Han Solo nor Luke Skywalker were good enough for her , made me write what I recognize now as being very romantic and full of angst fairy-tale type stories where Leia meets a badly scarred or handicapped man hiding from the Empire who turns out to be a native of Alderaan.

Of course, they fall in love, but he feels unworthy to marry a princess when he's just a (gardener, horse-trainer, pottery worker, you name it) plus he's horribly maimed. Naturally, Leia shocks everyone by marrying this fellow. :)

[Is there someone who inspires your writing, be it a famous person, one of the actors or another fic writer?]: Odo, of course. :) Seriously, the cast of DS9 and so many of the episodes are my first, best inspiration. I never watch or discuss DS9 without getting attacked by fic notions. Since I imagine fic notions as being these nasty, scaly, little beasts with claws and fangs that sink their teeth into you and won't let go, that can be serious. What's worse is a fic notion will keep gnawing on you if you try to ignore it. The only cure for the symptoms they cause is to write, write, write!.