The Airport

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Title: The Airport
Author(s): Jess M.
Date(s): early 2000s[1]
Length: 55K / 27,000+ Word Count
Genre: MSR, Smut, "NC-55"
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: The Airport at Whispers of X

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The Airport is an explicit X-Files story by Jess M.. It is perhaps more well known in Philedom as the Chili's (Fan) Fic[2]. Since its release it has become somewhat of a cult and fandom inside joke with X-Philes taking photos of the real Chili's restaurant at the Chicago O'Hare airport that is the main location for the fanwork or creating related Chili's artwork and T-Shirts.

This fic probably doesn’t need any sort of introduction, since it’s fandom legend, but justtttt in case you’ve been hiding out with CSM in a cave, I’ll give you a brief summary anyway.

Mulder and Scully have fun and get frisky in an empty airport Chili’s. They drink alcohol, eat fajitas, and find lots of interesting things to do under a table. Do yourself a favor and read it. You’ll never look at fuzzy pink sweaters or Chili’s restaurants the same again.

rec for the fic by storybycorey


This little bit of TOTALLY IRREDEEMABLE SMUT is dedicated solely to Darla, for not only providing the setting ("you know where I've never seem them do it..."), but also for providing the most excellent final line. Woman, you make Shortee look unpersuasive. You know what I mean.

Reactions and Reviews

On Januar 10th 2018, Gillian Anderson tweeted a reference to this fic as promotion for the airing of X-Files season 11 episode This.

Tonight we go to Chili's. 😏

New @thexfiles ep tonight at 8/7c @FOXTV! #TheXFiles

The story is especially famous on tumblr:

Today’s rec is quite epic throughout our fandom. So much so, actually, that it’s coined a nickname (the Chili’s fic) and has inspired multiple memorabilia items, including t-shirts (see ours below). Smut Sunday rec at txf-fic-chicks
A thing about the chilis fic…. I had read it before I ever stepped foot in Chicago O’Hare. And when I had an 8hr layover, you are damn right I went hunting for it and when I saw it, I literally gasped in horror “THEY DID NOT!!!!!!” That place is too open for any kind of hanky panky
"(...)And it is MANDATORY reading for being accepted into this fandom. I will defend the Chili’s fic to my grave. Happy smutting, Anon! You’ll never look at fajitas the same way again."