The "Home" Series

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Title: Home and sequels
Author(s): Nan Smith
Date(s): 2000-2008
Length: Over 450,000 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
External Links: Works by the author on the Lois & Clark Fanfic Archive
Series guide for Nan Smith (omits one-off stories)

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Home and its sequels are fourteen Lois and Clark stories by Nan Smith, futurefic focusing mainly on a ship between a near-immortal Clark Kent and Lori Lyons, the next reincarnation of his soulmate Lois Lane. They are set in the late 21st century with technology including antigravity, easy interplanetary travel, and the beginnings of interstellar travel. Metropolis is a sprawling megacity, and there are large colonies on the moon and Mars. At this point Earth has several dozen superheroes, all descended from Lois and Clark, with many of them making an appearance in the stories. Story descriptions below are from the Lois & Clark Fanfic Archive:

  • Home (2000) Years in the future, a talented journalism student meets the new superhero in Metropolis. What she doesn't know is that he's been waiting for her, because true love never dies. (Kerth nominee)
  • Home II: Beginnings (2000) Lori Lyons, a 21-year-old woman with the soul of Lois Lane, starts work at the Daily Planet News Service, and quickly finds herself enmeshed in a web of intrigue and treachery as terrorists try to sabotage the starship which her brother is to captain. Fortunately, Lori has friends and allies, including her disturbingly attractive co-worker Clark Kent -- and Superman and his family! (Kerth nominee)
  • Home III: Memories (2000) Lori and Clark grow closer together as they report on the theft of the Westhaven diamonds. But will Clark be able to tell Lori about his past before it's too late? (Kerth nominee)
  • Home IV: Honeymoon (2001) Lori and Clark investigate campus drug murders while settling into their new marriage.
  • Home 4A: A Valentine Vignette (2001) A charming vignette. Clark arrives home to find a sobbing Lori.
  • Home: A Christmas Story (2002) Clark and Lori have their hands full, juggling relatives, food and burglars. (Kerth nominee)
  • Home: On the Fourth Day of Christmas (2003) Uma Kent has plans for Clark. Will she succeed? At the same time Lori and Clark have an announcement to make.
  • Home: New Year's Wishes (2004) There is reason to celebrate in this family vignette, and there are a few surprises for Lori, too.
  • Home V: Obsession (2005) Lori and Clark are on the trail of a serial killer, who may, in fact, be an old friend of Lori's. As in typical Lois style, the intrepid Lori becomes the killer's next mark. Are they getting a bit too close to their story?
  • Home: Circle of Fate (2005) Thinking that Lori will be an easier target than Lois, Tempus attempts to destroy Utopia by kidnapping Lori from her time. However, he made a slight miscalculation...
  • Home: Vendetta (2007) Gaia's Children return in an effort to punish Lori and Clark for their role in exposing the cult's attempt to destroy the first starship. Can Clark find Lori before they harm his wife -- and before their baby is born?
  • Home: Family Party (2007) At the Kent family's barbecue, Velma Chow feels a little out of place. But Police Inspector Oliver Brent has his own ideas about Velma and her future relationship to his family.
  • Home: An Evening to Remember (2008) Oliver proposes but will a chance occurrence destroy the future they are planning?
  • Home: Murder by Earthlight (2008) When a robbery on Earth threatens the reputation and career of Marilyn Olsen, Lori and Clark find themselves involved in an unexpectedly dangerous murder investigation -- on the Moon. (Kerth nominee)

The series was well-received within this fandom, and several of the stories were nominated for Kerth Awards in their respective years as shown above.