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Name: TheForce.Net's Fan Fiction Archive
Date(s): 2001 - 14 August 2011
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: link)
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TheForce.Net's Fan Fiction Archive is a Star Wars fanfiction archive. It was last updated in 2011. The archive is a subpage of website.

As of August 2011, the archive hosts 462 stories. It can be searched by latest entries, title, most hits, random fiction and the archive offers an advanced search option.

The archive also features meta articles, plot bunnies, writing tips, writing challenges, polls, a fanfiction lexicon[1] and mailing lists, and there is a list of editors, reviewers, authors and beta-readers. In addition to the official FAQ there is an Unofficial TFN Fanfic Archive FAQ available.

TFN's Fanfic Archive had strict rules on the types of fics accepted. There was no slash, no sex, no violence beyond the PG-13 level, no songfics, no crossovers and only limited interspecies relationships were allowed.[2]


From the FAQ:

1. What is the Archive?

TheForce.Net Fan Fiction Archive is an archive of select stories written and submitted by fans of the Star Wars movies, books, and comics. The Archive is intended to be a safe playground and library for all ages, young and old. Unlike many other fan fiction websites, stories submitted to the Archive first undergo a reviewing process to make sure they are the highest caliber possible before being placed on the site.

2. Who runs this site?

The Archive is staffed by a group of reviewers and editors. The reviewers are primarily responsible for reading and making decisions on stories that are submitted. While reviewing, they check each fic for technical proficiency and quality of writing. Once they reach a decision, they inform the editors in the form of a review.

The editors are responsible for keeping the Archive running. They HTML code and post accepted fics, read reviewers' notes on each fic submitted, mail out the rejection and acceptance letters, upload artwork, and edit contributor data. They also serve as tie-breakers if the two reviewers reviewing a fic disagree. They keep the site and the mailing lists free of spammers and trolls, create the polls, and keep the main page updated. To see who current reviewers are, visit the Reviewers' Page. Our current editors are Pallas-Athena, Belle Bayard, and Gabri_Jade. [...]

5. What do the time frames mean?

  1. Ancient (SW) History would include stories that take place long before the movies, before any of the known characters (except maybe Yoda) were born.
  2. Pre-TPM stories take place in the time period leading up to the prequels, during the lives of the established characters.
  3. The Prequels are stories that take place in the time frame of Episodes I-III (including the ten years between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.
  4. Intertrilogy stories fill the gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.
  5. Classic Trilogy stories take place during the original trilogy.
  6. Post-ANH refers to stories that take place shortly after Episode IV, and before Episode V.
  7. Post-RotJ stories take place after the original trilogy, but in the natural life span of the characters.
  8. New Jedi Order Era stories are set in the NJO era, and are dependent on that part of the EU.
  9. Post-NJO stories are set after the NJO series. This includes the Legacy of the Force series and the Legacy comics.
  10. Far (SW) Future, like Ancient History, takes place outside the life spans of the established characters. How might things develop over the next several centuries? Millennia?[3]


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