That Which is Broken

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Title: That Which is Broken
Author(s): Sholio
Date(s): April 2006
Length: ~60,000 words
Genre: gen, Drama, action, angst, h/c, friendship, teamfic
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: That Which is Broken on the author's site

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That Which is Broken is a gen fanfic by Sholio in Stargate Atlantis fandom. It is an episode tag to the episode Trinity that addresses the rift among the team in the aftermath, but it does not fit the usual pattern of the post-Trinity phenomenon: nobody is made into a woobie, and Teyla and Ronon also play a large part and work through their conflict.

The story won in the category "Best Gen episode tag" in the Stargate Fan Awards 2006.

Recs and Reviews

iibnf (maintainer of a list of post-Trinity fic): "This one was recommended, but after reading, I'm putting into the not quite Post-Trinity section. It's long, excellent plot, quite involved, and although it does have lots of Rodney/John fighting - some of it quite vicious - it's not really Woobie Rodney, and there's no shunning or lemon chicken. Teyla tries to fix the rift between the guys with a plan that goes horribly wrong. I loved how Ronan was written in this, he's wonderful. I recommend this story, it's very good, but it's not quite Post-Trinity."[1]

astridv: "Best post-Trinity fic I've read! There's not a hint of Woobie!Rodney, thankfully... all the characterizations are fantastic, the clash between Rodney and John entirely believable, and particularly Teyla's alien-ness and her unique view of things come across really well. Plus, great plot."[2]

ladyflowdi: "This fic is everything you want in a gen fic. Danger. Angst. Team building, and post Trinity. It's got some H/C thrown in that will make you squee with love for the friendship between Rodney and Shep, and if possible, make you fall even deeper in love with Ronon. The plot keeps you guessing all the way through, the characters are deliciously IC, the prose is sharp and clean, and oh yes, did I mention the SQUEEWIBBLE for the plot? Um. If not. There ya go. "[3]


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