Temple University's Enterprising Women Collection

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Name: Temple University's Enterprising Women Collection
Date(s): ?-present
Profit/Nonprofit: non-profit
Country based in: USA
Focus: fandom, fanzines
External Links: Temple University's Enterprising Women Collection.
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Temple University hosts a number of fanzines related to Camille Bacon-Smith's book Enterprising Women (called the "Enterprising Women Collection").

They also host a smaller Star Trek collection that focuses on Klingons (the "Sue Frank Klingon/Star Trek" collection). These collections are part of the larger "Paskow Science Fiction Fanzine Collection."

In 2007, a visitor to the Sue Frank Klingon/Star Trek collection describes "six linear feet...of fanzines and organizational newsletters. These were assembled by Dr. Frank from groups within and outside of the U.S. -- fan groups are to be found in Britain, New Zealand, and Italy, among other places. The titles include "Klingon Assault Group Force Recon," "The Pillage Voice," "Engage!," "Disruptor," and "Something Else." The newsletters reflect the range of Klingon-related activities afoot in the terran world. They contain drawings, photos, recipes, letters, poems, stories, technical information, and analyses of many aspects of Klingon language and culture." [1]

The finding aid for the collections are not available online so their dates and exact contents remain unknown. However, a general description of the contents is available upon request which includes:

Published Fanzines

Circuit Stories/Printed Internet Fan Fiction

Convention Material


  1. ^ Klingons at Temple, posted October 19, 2007 to the PACSCL Consortial Survey Initiative blog.