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Name: Camille Bacon-Smith
Also Known As:
Occupation: academic
Works: Enterprising Women (1992), Science Fiction Culture (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2000), other works
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Camille Bacon-Smith is an aca-fan who has written about fandom. Her book Enterprising Women: Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth is often cited in other works. Bacon-Smith, and Henry Jenkins's book Textual Poachers, were both published in 1992 and signaled the beginning of the study of popular fannish culture and media fandom.

Materials related/mentioned/used in this book, fan-created and otherwise, are archived at the Temple University's Enterprising Women Collection.

Fan Fiction Policies

From [1] "In a private e-mail dated March 25, 2001, Camille Bacon-Smith said she did not tolerate fan [fiction] derived from her original work." [2]

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  1. While it is not specified here, the exchange may have been between Michela Ecks and Bacon-Smith as per this entry regarding Tamora Pierce: :: Fan Works Inc. - Help & Tools Index, Archived version
  2. :: Fan Works Inc. - Help & Tools Index, Archived version; it is unknown if this policy has been updated
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