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Synonym(s)Teach Sex, Tutoring Sex, Practice Sex
Related tropes/genresPractice Kissing
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In the Teach Seduction trope, Character A goes to Character B to learn to either 1) seduce unrelated Character C or, 2) simply learn how to Have The Sex because they feel self-conscious about it or similar reasons. Character A and B will enter into a sexual relationship with a focus on "teaching" techniques or ways to seduce someone, going further and further. During this endeavor, Character A obviously falls in love with Character B.

If a Character C was involved, the story can then unravel in angst and miscommunication before it concludes. Or -- more currently -- it can be concluded with all three in a relationship.

Another layer for this trope that is popular also in fandoms with a Love Square element: When Characters A and B have a secret idenity and Character A doesn't know that Character B who they're "learning" from is simultaneously in fact also Character C who they are learning for.

Often, this sexual trope employs sexist gender stereotypes. Character A who goes to learn to have sex is almost always an inexperienced female character, oftentimes characterised with Character Archetypes along the Innocent Wallflower line. Meanwhile, Character B who is sought out as the sex tutor will typically be a male character characterised as an experienced Womanizer and sex guru.

Because of this originally typical story element endorsing sexist stereotypes, the Teach Seduction trope has been a target for Trope Detox versions in the past, where the sexist elements are targeted and consciously subverted.

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