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So, I looked at what linked here: * SF (redirect page) (← links)

         o "Pass the Crisco, Spock" - Patricia Scheiern Lewis (← links)
   * Sci fi (redirect page) (← links)
   * Science fiction (redirect page) (← links)
         o Drabble (← links)
         o Fandom (← links)
         o Worldcon (← links)
         o Hugo Award (← links)
         o Speculative Fiction (← links)
         o Diane Duane (← links)
         o Julie Fortune (← links)
         o Teresa Nielsen Hayden (← links)
         o Fantasy (← links)
         o Slavefic (← links)
         o Fanac (← links)
         o Mundane (← links)
         o SwanCon (← links)
   * Fanboy (← links)
   * Cassandra Claire (← links)

and most of these make as much or more sense linking to the SF History article as they do linking here. I'm wondering if the SF fandom article is actually the more important one, and this article should be a minor part of that one.

I'm wondering that, too. As it stands, the Science Fiction page seems redundant. I noticed there's also a fantasy page and a link to an as-yet non-existent horror page. I'm not sure where these pages are going--will/should they discuss how the genres influence fanfiction and other fan activities? Possible fan wars over which genre is "better"? Should these become Fantasy Fandom and Horror Fandom to be consistent with Science Fiction Fandom? (Is there a distinct fantasy fandom?)--Aethel 04:52, 23 December 2008 (UTC)
FWIW, "science fiction fandom" as a term usually encompasses fans of fantasy and horror; SFF cons include content on all three. There is a World Fantasy Con every year, but it's not like the Sharks and the Jets with Worldcon; it's a more the merrier type of deal. As to the potential article deletion, on the one hand, I can see reasons to dump the SF entry in favor of emphasis on the fandom. On the other hand, the number of mind-blowingly irritating arguments I have seen (within media fandom and without) about "What exactly is science fiction?" suggest to me that an entry on science fiction is needed.--Vee 19:57, 24 December 2008 (UTC)
Why not just make both a brief definition and the sf fandom article part of the same page? I mean, that works for the more particular fandoms like the tv show pages usually mention what the show is about, and then talk about the fandom for it. If it gets too long there can always be subpages created eventually. I think that would be easier than trying to keep track/edit what people think of when they wikilink "science fiction".--Ratcreature 23:46, 25 December 2008 (UTC)
In that case, someone could add historical and contemporary arguments over the definition of sf as part of the sf article. For example, I'm reading The Immortal Storm right now, and there's a brief mention of a "rallying cry" over the "Gernsback fallacy". Gernsback's original definition of science fiction (or scientifiction) was very restrictive and assumed that sf fans were primarily devoted to the advancement of science, not fiction.--Aethel 17:01, 27 December 2008 (UTC)

What's this page for?

Where are we putting sf fandoms, sfnal fanworks, etc? Here? Science Fiction Fandom seems like a different thing.--MegR 08:39, 31 March 2010 (UTC)

The way I understand it this is the page to talk about the SF content side, ie bundle the fandoms that are SF sources, how they overlap (kind of like Star Trek page now is intended as an overview of the separate ST series, only a meta level higher), what the tropes and subgenres are, and the social side of the general SF fandom goes on the Science Fiction Fandom page.--RatCreature 08:45, 31 March 2010 (UTC)

Should there be a "Main article: Science Fiction Fandom" thing at the top of the fandom section?--Sari (talk) 18:16, 15 March 2015 (UTC)

I would say no; the fandom section is "Science Fiction and Fandom", so it covers more than just SF fandom.--æþel (talk) 22:31, 16 March 2015 (UTC)